Christian Science Testimony

         Our little family, consisting of two daughters, one six, the other thirteen, my husband and I, left New York for Miami, Florida, in March, 1925. It seemed to be God's leading, for success followed our every undertaking; soon, however, we became mesmerized by material possessions. There was a constant desire for pleasures away from the home circle, and the peace of the little home was lessening. The time came when we knew not what would be the outcome, as financially we became penniless, except for a loan from a dear one.

         We opened a shop on Miami Beach. And after a struggle with pride, my husband wrote to his former employer, explaining existing conditions and his willingness to get back to work. The answer was a wire for my husband to come at once, as a new business was contemplated and he would be given a partnership in it. It was decided that the children and I should remain for the winter while he gave this new opportunity a trial. I must here say that the faithful work of a loyal practitioner had been going on, and her encouragement and teaching of the Father's love for us and of His ever-presence sustained us, and helped to bring about this demonstration. From the very start my husband did well, and I was looking forward to a profitable winter season when the Miami hurricane came.

         My shop was on the oceanfront, and my housekeeping apartment three blocks back. Sometime after midnight I was awakened by the sound of howling winds. I got up and saw that a hurricane and a tidal wave seemed imminent. Fear was taking hold of me when I realized I was not listening to the voice of Truth. Instantly I began saying the Lord's Prayer and its spiritual interpretation, as given by our Leader in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (pp. 16, 17). I followed this with every statement of protection I could think of; and after some time of earnest prayer, I left the room feeling so free and fearless that I did not then wake the children, knowing that God would protect them.

         There were two other students of Christian Science in the house, and my thought was to get to them and tell them that work had to be done and that we should try to reverse this error and stand and "see the glory of God." I found them fast asleep, but awakened them and told them of the work to be done.

         Reaching my room I found the children still asleep, but thought it wise to wake the elder of the two, who in the past had many times stood declaring God's power and proving many things to His glory. She awoke very quickly, and after a few whispered words she began doing her mental work. We spoke very little to each other until the dawn began to break, and then we beheld a scene which was hard to reverse. Ocean waves were all around us, and it looked more as if we were in the sea than on land.

         Then I began to think of my little shop on the ocean front. Without ceasing I kept declaring God's allness and power. The room became a quiet sanctuary where we could prove that our heavenly Father was at hand, and alone had power, and would deliver us if we watched and prayed. So we remained until the storm ceased and the waters went back, and with grateful hearts we realized that no one in the house was hurt. In spite of the fact that quite a few thought the house would fall, it remained standing, and was one of the few that had little damage.

         A friend offered to take me to the shop. I thanked him, and accepted his kind offer. We had quite a time getting there, as the whole place had changed; and when we finally got to the shop, which was one of four others, we found it standing alone unhurt. On the right and on the left of it was utter destruction, but the little shop stood without the window broken; and the window-stands, on which were displayed little suits and dresses, were also standing. Many people on seeing the shop called it a miracle, but the workers in Christian Science raised their hearts to God, thanking Him and knowing that miracles are but divinely natural acts of God. I found myself saying, "Wonderful, wonderful!" and then I recalled the Bible statement, "And his name shall be called Wonderful." This demonstration placed me on a firmer platform, and made me a stronger worker for Christian Science.

         How can I thank the Father for the manifold blessings He is giving us? I will just pray that I may remain as faithful and loyal as I did at that time; and I know that if I remain faithful I shall always be able to prove that God is "a very present help in trouble."

         My husband is proving in his work that God is the source of supply and the cause of success. We have come back north to a lovely little home, better than any we have had before. Together we are again praising and glorifying our heavenly Father, and thanking Him for the many dear ones whose helping hands showed forth His love. We thank Him for our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and for all of the Christian Science activities.

Rae Engel
Brooklyn, New York


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 22, 1928

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