Christian Science Testimony

         For years I suffered from poor eyesight, and was almost constantly under the care of a doctor, steadily growing worse, until finally he told me he could do nothing more for me. I then made an appointment with an eye-specialist in Chicago. This was eight years ago. After he had tested my eyes on two different days and by different methods, he also told me he could do nothing for me, as, he said, I was going blind. I returned to the home of the friends with whom I was staying (who by the way were Christian Scientists) disheartened and discouraged. One of them met me at the door and asked what the doctor's verdict was. I told her that there was no hope for me; I was going blind. I shall never forget her words, "But there is help for you!" And she then told me about Christian Science. Up to this time I had never heard of the wonderful Christ-healing; but as I had tried all material help, including osteopathy, chiropractic and electrical treatments, and all had failed, this seed certainly fell on ready soil. The following Sunday I went to church with my friend, and during the whole day I was lifted above the material senses. That night I left for my home, a ride of about eight hours, and read the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, almost all the way, something I had not been able to do for many months. With a few treatments from a practitioner and my constant study of the textbook, I was absolutely healed in about three weeks.

         One of the interesting things about my healing was that, after I returned home, mortal mind suggested that having been deprived of reading for so long, now I could read all I cared to in books and such like, and in my spare time I could study Science and Health. I found this to be an impossibility, because the minute I picked up a paper, magazine, or book I was unable to see or read a word; but I could read the Bible or Science and Health for any length of time, with no sense of pain or discomfort. In this way divine Truth kept me in the straight and narrow way until the healing was complete; then I was able to read anything I desired.

         This is only one of the many, many blessings that have come to me through this wonderful new-old religion, brought about through the operation of God's law, which I have learned to know never ceases to operate and results always in harmony. This truth is not only for a few but for all who will take up their cross, "and follow me," as our Way-shower, Christ Jesus, commanded us to do. I am grateful to our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for stating this truth in language we are all able to understand. The spiritual uplift that comes to one who is striving and working for that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus" cannot be described in words, but can be experienced and thereby reflected toward all mankind.

         My gratitude to God for freeing me from the bondage of belief in physical ills, at least in part, is unbounded; and I rejoice in the following verse from the Psalms: "He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions."

Ruby H. Dinsch
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1923

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