Christian Science Testimony

         I desire to contribute my mite to the efficacy of Christian Science, as taught by you [Mrs. Eddy], the advent of which every man, woman, and child should hail with joy.

         Especially ought every mother to have a knowledge of its priceless value. Not long since my fourteen-year-old son came screaming into the room where I was sitting, exclaiming, while holding his bleeding hand to view, "Oh, mamma, the dog has bitten me to the bone!"

         Had this happened before Christian Science came to me with healing on its wings, my imagination would at once have pictured hydrophobia in all its horrid forms; but how good, how precious this Christ-power is in all emergencies!

         I took my boy on my knee and realized the Truth for him, and this is somewhat of the mental attitude of my mind, though words fail to convey the allness of that Love which constantly overshadows us.

         "Eddie, darling, you are not hurt. There is no poison in that dog's tooth to harm you. All the loving Father makes is good; and nothing else has power; besides, Eddie, that dog didn't bite you. This body isn't you. You are spiritual in the image and likeness of infinite Harmony and completeness, and no accident can mar that harmony or break that completeness. This bite cannot even pain you, for matter is senseless and you are hid with Christ in God, safe from all seeming harm," etc. After finishing the treatment, I shall never forget my boy's words of gratitude.

         "Mamma," he said, "I have often thought Christian Science was a good thing, but now I am sure of it, for before you were half done my hand almost stopped paining me, and now it doesn't hurt me one bit." The finger healed without swelling or festering, although the weather turned very cold soon after. Christian Science (the Christ-power) is "a very present help in time of trouble."


"Extracts from Letters to Our Teacher" by B. M. P.
The Christian Science Journal, August, 1889

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