Christian Science Testimony

         . . . About three years ago I had blood poisoning in the middle finger of my right hand; but, while the appearance of it became very alarming, I was able, through the knowledge I had gained of Truth, to be on duty at my place of business every day, suffering very little pain and inconvenience. However, we had received a rush order for some of our merchandise, which required me to do a lot of climbing in our warehouse, and to assist in lifting and loading heavy articles. In doing this I lost my footing; and when I threw out my right arm in an effort to check my fall, the hand struck a projection, tearing off the bandages. Immediately I declared the truth and went on with my work. After completing this work I went into a drugstore to have my friend the druggist assist me in putting on another bandage, since it was very awkward for me to do this myself. The druggist became very much alarmed at the black appearance of my hand and arm, and was very much surprised that I would not allow him to apply any remedies. Right at this time a physician happened to come in; and, seeing the condition, he declared that the hand — and probably the whole arm — would have to come off in order to save my life, and suggested that I go immediately to the hospital. Neither the physician nor my friend the druggist could understand my cheerful answer that I was not suffering any pain. The physician went out saying: "Well, Christian Science will never save that hand." Thanks be to God, and to the loving work of a Christian Science practitioner, I was using that hand within two days, operating my typewriter as usual, with very little inconvenience, and suffering no pain.

         I am truly grateful for the knowledge I have of Christian Science, and for the loving thoughts of all those who have helped and are helping me on my journey out of materiality; and especially am I grateful for our literature, and for Mrs. Eddy's wonderful book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

Edwin N. Day
Twin Falls, Idaho


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1922

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