Christian Science Testimony

         I feel that I must express my gratitude for the manner in which my need has been met. While serving in the Royal Navy I was stationed at a camp about two miles from my home for several months after the armistice was signed. My boots, a heavy service pair, chafed my heels, causing one of them to blister. The blister burst and another came; probably five or six burst and were replaced by others before I took much notice. Then one day my foot and leg ached so that it was very difficult to walk. On arriving home at night I examined the foot and found there was a hole at least half an inch across and nearly half an inch deep in my heel. The surrounding flesh was purple, the ankle swollen, and there was a large swelling in my groin.

         A Christian Science practitioner was asked for help and the next morning all pain was gone. On entering camp I asked a sick berth steward if he would give me a bandage to keep the dirt from my heel as it was chafed. He came to my office to put the bandage on for me, but when he saw the hole he at first refused to do so, stating that my foot was poisoned and it would be necessary for me to go to bed for about four days and have hot fomentations, or I should probably lose the leg. When he found, however, that I would not lay up but intended to go on with my work, he bandaged the heel for me. I was enabled to do all my work that day. The next morning my sick berth friend again advised me to go to bed, but when he took off the bandage which he had put on twenty-four hours before, the hole was perfectly filled up and the swelling gone. The bandage was clean lint with no dressing of any kind upon it.

         While at sea I received much help from Christian Science in a number of ways, and I feel very grateful that I have been brought to know even a little of the truth which makes free.

Arthur Cross
Southsea, England


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 20, 1919

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