Christian Science Testimony

          Through a complication of sad circumstances my happy girlhood, abounding in all things needful, seemed to end abruptly in a tragedy of heartaches, lack, and frailty. The future held no hope, although I had sought help of many ministers and physicians. At this point, Christian Science was first brought to my attention through a copy of the Sentinel sent by a sister. I read it eagerly during the day, as I lay suffering with an aggravated condition of the flesh which I had been told by a specialist would have to be endured for months. I slept that night as I had not for weeks; and wakened to find no trace of the eruption.

          There seemed no harmonious opportunity to study Science at that time; but a year later, feeling that I had nothing more to lose, I accepted the loan of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and discarded all remedies; and, with one exception, during the fourteen years following no treatment or remedy other than Christian Science has been used by my three children or by me. We have enjoyed almost perfect health. The rare exceptions have unfailingly been both quickly and completely healed through Science.

          At one time, my little daughter of two years was discovered in flames while out of doors. Although the clothing was burned away, the child was in no wise harmed. My little son was accidentally shot by a playmate. With the blood streaming down his face, he asked his friend to wait for him, and insisted that no harm had been meant. We declared the truth of being as I washed his face; and the shot, having pierced the cheek, was easily removed from the gums. In half an hour the flesh showed no sign of the accident; and we three were the only ones who knew of it, although there were many in the home at the time.

          Step by step the troubles that had overwhelmed me disappeared; and good has been abundantly showered upon me. The dark days are remembered, not with bitterness, but only with thanksgiving, because they forced me to find God, who, in place of causing evil, as I had believed, blesses His children when they turn to Him. Christian Science has not only brought us health and happiness, met our daily needs, worked out our problems so far, and dispelled our fears, but it has taught us to love God because He is lovable, to be more obedient, because it is the wiser and happier way, and to desire more and more to follow Christ.

          Mrs. Eddy expresses this thought in her beautiful hymn (Poems, p. 12) with the words,

"My prayer, some daily good to do
          To Thine, for Thee;
An offering pure of Love, whereto
          God leadeth me."

          This testimony is given as a very small token of my gratitude to God, the source of all good; and to Mary Baker Eddy, whose love and obedience gave Christian Science to the world today.

Mary S. Cowan
Columbia, South Carolina


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, July, 1922

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