Christian Science Testimony

         It has been nine years since I first began the study of Christian Science, and it is a great privilege to tell of the many healings received since I started the study of this truth. I have been healed of colds, headaches, nervousness, and many other ailments instantly. One experience I would like to mention in particular was the instantaneous healing of my little girl of the croup. She awakened us in the night fighting for breath, and as we had only been interested in Christian Science a short while we were very much worried, but telephoned a practitioner for help and the child was instantly healed.

         For this and many other blessings I am truly grateful to God and to Mrs. Eddy for pointing the way.

Bernice E. Coffey
Dallas, Texas

         It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I express my appreciation for Christian Science and its many blessings. I have been interested in Christian Science for almost ten years, and during this time it has been my only physician. When I first began the study I was accustomed to sick headaches of long standing and would have a severe case almost every week, but have been completely healed of this trouble as well as many others.

         On one occasion, while out fishing with a party of friends, a fishhook caught in the side of my finger next to the nail. The hook caught on the root of my nail and seemed impossible to remove. Knowing that my wife and I were the only Christian Scientists there, I kept quiet and asked her to help me. We declared the truth for possibly a minute and the hook was immediately removed without pain or trouble, and in a few minutes I had forgotten which finger it had been in. For this and many other healings I am truly grateful.

         I am grateful to God, and to Mrs. Eddy for her many writings, and for her understanding in establishing a religion that is so practical for everyday use and that will stand for all ages to come.

G. A. Coffey


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 18, 1922

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