Christian Science Testimony

          I live in Chowen, Minnesota. I was troubled for ten years with granulated eyelids, and weakness of the optic nerve. I tried both allopathic and homoeopathic treatment, but was not helped by either. I finally heard of Mrs. Thompson, through a neighbor who had been healed, and concluded, as a last resort, to have her treat my eyes. When I went to her my eyes were so weak that I had been unable to open them for three months. They were inflamed, swollen, and covered with a bandage. She had me remove the bandage as soon as I entered her presence. After she gave me a treatment she requested me to open my eyes. I did, and was astonished to find the weakness gone. The light had no disagreeable effect upon them. Two days after this I wrote a letter, apprizing my friends of the wonderful cure. I then commenced using my eyes freely, something I had not done for many years. I felt that I had indeed experienced one of the miracles the Scriptures speak of.

          It is over a year since I was healed; as my eyes have remained well, and my body has continually grown stronger.


"Granulated Eyelids" by Loren Chowen
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1889

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