Christian Science Testimony

         Last summer in cherry time, two little girls were playing one afternoon. As they were climbing trees, Grace fell from a high tree to the ground. Eunice came running with white face calling, "O Mrs. B—! Grace has fallen from the tree and will not answer when I speak to her." I replied, "Be not afraid," and declared the Truth silently. We found her unconscious, in a little heap, having struck on her side. We got her into the house and on the bed. Truth and Love were very real; the seeming accident very unreal. She regained consciousness, and they were soon talking and laughing, but as she looked very white, I asked her if she felt all right. She said her back and side hurt her very much. I declared Truth, when she soon said, "I just felt the pain go away," and that was the last that she ever suffered from the fall. Her face regained its natural color, her eyes and face were bright and beautiful all the afternoon. This all occurred in about half an hour. Both little girls said when she was falling they thought immediately of Christian Science, as they had become interested through us.

         We are students of Science and Health, and have most of Mrs. Eddy's writings, also the Journal and Quarterly.

C. A. B.
Kimball, Ohio


"Notes from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1898

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