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         It is a great pleasure to give this testimony of the protecting and healing power of divine Love, as revealed and made practicable today through Christian Science. In the fall of 1911 I was traveling on a passenger train, riding in the car next [to] the engine, when our train collided head-on with a freight train. It was a very dark night, and the accident occurred about midnight while the train was running full speed. We were given no warning before the crash; consequently, I did not have time to think about anything. I was knocked unconscious from the moment we struck the other train.

         The conductor of the train knew I was a student of Christian Science, and upon finding me so badly injured telegraphed to a Christian Science practitioner for help. At the same time he communicated this information to me, and I was able to hear his message; and I recalled for a moment that divine Love was taking complete care of me, with the abiding assurance of perfect recovery. I knew nothing more until later in the day, when I awakened to consciousness and found myself in a hospital. The railway company had their three physicians examine me; and I was told that I had a fractured skull, two or more broken ribs, and internal injuries. The blow that I received on the head, and which had produced the unconsciousness, also prevented me from having complete use of my body or limbs. I was also very badly cut and bruised in several places. The doctor had put some stitches in my face on his first examination. The third day he took them out, stating the cut was healed.

         Treatment in Christian Science was given by the practitioner from the beginning, and my wife read to me as much as possible from the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I depended entirely upon God and Christian Science for my healing. The fifth day I knew I was completely healed, and requested the company's doctor to make an examination to satisfy the hospital authorities, in order that I might secure my discharge from the institution. The following morning two of the physicians examined me and pronounced me healed. I immediately secured my discharge, and left the hospital for my home the same day, the sixth day after the accident. In ten days I was feeling fine, going about my work and attending to my business duties as usual.

         Some time later the brakeman of the passenger train called to see me and told of having found me completely covered up in the debris. He dug me out, and although I had been knocked unconscious and was partially paralyzed from the effect of the blow, he said I walked without assistance, passed the wrecked cars to the first car standing upright on the track, climbed the steps, and walked into the car and sat down in the first vacant seat. He said it was very dark, but that I seemed to know where I was going and what I was doing. He told me that he was very much impressed with my being able to do all this without any assistance.

         On reading the morning paper, my brother was directed to find me in the hospital by reading a detailed report of the accident, in which the particulars of my case were stated and the physicians were reported as saying there was very little hope for my recovery. My brother afterwards told me that when he reached the hospital and found me in the condition in which I appeared to be, he considered it would be very remarkable if I were able to leave within six weeks.

         I am very thankful and grateful to God and to Christian Science for this beautiful instance of protection and remarkable healing. I have had many other proofs of the healing efficacy of Christian Science. Three months after I began the study of it I was completely healed of the liquor and tobacco habits through reading Science and Health. I subscribe for and read all our periodicals, and am grateful for the opportunity to give this testimony through the Journal.

James A. Carson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1924

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