Christian Science Testimony

         In gratitude for the many blessings which have come to me through a little understanding of Christian Science, I would like to bear witness to one or two of the "signs following," which prove that it is the power of God with us, the fulfilment of Christ's promise.

         Since I was a child, I have, every winter, suffered from terrible colds which confined me to the house from one to two weeks, and to my bed from three to five days. One or two days would be spent in a darkened room with my head covered lest a ray of light should reach my eyes, and cause pain almost unendurable.

         Ever since I can remember I have been subject to what were called nervous headaches, which increased in severity as I grew older until there was hardly a week during which I did not pass some days in bed from this cause and at times the suffering was intense.

         These beliefs were handed down to me through the third and fourth generations, medicine failing to afford relief.

         It is now a little more than three years since I began to read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and during that time I have not had a cold that lasted more than one day, nor a nervous headache.

         This healing has come entirely through reading the Bible in connection with our Christian Science textbook. This is but a tithe of the good that has come to me and mine through this blessed Truth.

Ellen B. Campbell
Jacksonville, Florida


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, July, 1901

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