Christian Science Testimony

         I should like to express my appreciation for a healing of burns that I experienced recently. While cooking on the top of the gas stove, I lighted the oven and left it for a few minutes. When I opened the oven door there was a loud explosion, and I was bathed in flame. The gas had evidently not ignited, and had been escaping into the oven. My mother, who was in a room in the front of the apartment, heard the noise and felt the shock of the explosion. She came back to see what had happened, and found me seemingly badly burned. Her first move was to telephone to a Christian Science practitioner for me.

         By this time I was suffering acutely, and was unable to keep still. I walked up and down for about forty minutes. My face was flushed, and my hands and forearms, particularly the right one, had become so swollen that a ring that was ordinarily loose was embedded in the flesh. My hair seemed to have been partly destroyed, and my eyebrows were singed and rough; but my eyelashes were normal, because I had shut my eyes tightly. So completely had the flame passed over me that even the fine hairs in the nostrils were burned off entirely.

         I then realized that with the help of Science I must conquer the desire to keep moving. I sat down, and my mother began to read to me from the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, while in another city a practitioner was treating me in this emergency. It was then only a few minutes before I thought I should like to lie down. The pain still seemed to be severe, but it was easing. As I lay there, all the most beautiful and helpful passages seemed to be read to me. A sensation of spiritual relief and understanding came first, and then a definite sense of physical relief. Suddenly I fell asleep, and slept peacefully for several hours. When I awoke the swelling and flush had left my face, and my arms were so nearly normal that I removed the ring from my finger with ease.

         The next morning I took up my duties with great thankfulness in my heart for the help so wonderfully given me. I had a piano lesson, and my teacher did not even notice any trace of the burns. Through the loving help of the practitioner and my mother the whole incident was entirely wiped from my thought. So complete was this work that though the hands and arms showed blisters, then peeling skin, no one remarked about it.

         Afterwards I noticed that my clothing was not harmed in any way. I lost only a few strands of hair, though the whole front of my hair net was burned away; and my eyebrows soon gained their normal texture.

Jacquelyn T. Bickford
Hampton, Virginia


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, November 1, 1924

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