Christian Science Testimony

         One year ago I looked upon the founder of Christian Science as one of the "false Christs" spoken of in the Gospel of Matthew. As I had for many years endeavored to live a Christian life, I thought it a sin to think of changing my sentiments. I wanted to be healed; but not in that way. I had been under medical treatment several years for internal ulcers and tumor. Two years previous to my Christian Science treatment, I had a cancerous tumor removed by surgery; still I grew worse, and the M. D.'s said I could not be cured. Then I said: "I will try Christian Science treatment;" and thank God! I did try it, and He has healed me. I cannot find words to express my joy in this new understanding of God — "Good!" I wish that I could be the means of bringing thousands to the understanding of the "One Mind." When we once commence to climb the hill of Science, we are eager to go higher and higher. There is not a desire to go back; because we enjoy more and more the Omnipresence, and the living in God, Love, than we ever did before. It is heaven within us — harmony. The All-power is my strength, and all I need. May God's choicest blessings rest upon her who has presented to the world this blessed Science!

M. K. L.


"Healings and Reports of Cases"
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1890

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