Christian Science Testimony

         Our little daughter, aged five, had become suddenly ill. Her condition reached such a stage that it alarmed her mother, who was at that time merely interested in Christian Science. A medical specialist was called, and he prescribed a medicine and stated that he would call the following day. The child, being a member of a Christian Science Sunday School, requested that she be allowed not to take the medicine and that the weekly Lesson-Sermon be read to her instead. The following day the physician arrived and insisted that the child be removed immediately to a hospital where he was a consulting specialist, diagnosing the case as spinal meningitis. The following day he informed me that when the spinal fluid was analyzed, a bacteria was found present from which no case had been known to recover, and he also stated that six other specialists had seen the child and declared the same thing.

         A Christian Science practitioner, living four hundred miles away, who loved this child dearly, was asked to help her. The practitioner traveled all night, and when she arrived the following day, after giving absent treatment on the way, the doctor stated the condition of the child was marvelous and beyond his comprehension. Four days later the child was discharged from the hospital with the declaration of the doctors that it was the most miraculous healing they had ever witnessed. A physician we had later told me that the doctors at the hospital still talk of that case. At the same time the child was healed of adenoids and enlarged tonsils, also of a catarrhal condition of the ear.

         Another healing took place in our home not long ago. A bakery in our neighborhood sold some goods that contained poisonous ingredients. About thirty or forty people in the community were poisoned. In most of the cases the victims were sent to a hospital, where they remained from two to three weeks. We called the same practitioner and absent treatment was given, with the result that my wife performed her usual duties. I myself was in bed only one day, and the little girl two days. These healings are but a part of the many wonderful benefits our household has received since we have been studying the Bible with the aid of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and the other authorized Christian Science literature.

George B. Addison
St. Albans, Long Island, New York


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, June 2, 1928

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