Christian Science Testimony

         One morning I put a pot of wax on the gas stove to melt, in order that I might wax some flowers. Just then I was called to the telephone. I had talked a minute or so, when I smelled smoke, and leaving the telephone I found the wax ablaze. Wishing to save my house, I started to throw the wax out by the back door. I opened the inside door, but the storm door blew back against me, knocking the blazing wax all over me. I ran out of the front door with my clothing all ablaze. Our neighbors across the street saw me and came running over with a blanket, which they wrapped me up in, thus smothering the fire. They then carried me into the house, and asked the name of the doctor they should call, since I seemed to be badly burned. I told them I was all right, but asked them to call my mother and she would know what I wanted. A Christian Science practitioner was communicated with, and inside of fifteen minutes I was free from pain and singing hymns of praise. I was blind the first half hour, but after that my sight returned. In an hour I walked out unaided to the practitioner's car, which was waiting to take me to my mother's house in order that telephone calls and visitors might be avoided, as a number of people had seen me when I ran out of the house enveloped in flames, and they had spread the news that I was badly burned. That evening a number of people came to see me, but they could not realize I had been badly burned, as I was able to laugh and talk to them. At the end of seven weeks I was perfectly healed.

         During this experience I received another wonderful healing. When I was six years old and in the first grade, I went to school early one noon. I was having a wonderful time, as I thought, walking on the top of the desks, when I heard my teacher coming. I started to step down quickly, with the result that I fell on one of the desks and broke my nose. This happened in a very small town where there was but one doctor, and he was away at the time. When he arrived home he said the nose was too sore to set. Years passed, during which I breathed through only one side of my nose, as a result of the fall. Sometime during the treatment for the burns this difficulty was met; my nose became normal, and my breathing has been perfect ever since. I am very grateful to our Leader for this healing truth; also to the practitioner who worked so faithfully for me.

Rena Ellen Abraham
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, May, 1929

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