The "little book open"
"And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: And he had in his hand a little book open: . . ." REVELATION 10:1, 2 (to :)


                                        What revelation this:
                                        "A little book open,"
                                        While angel voice doth stir
                                        The inner heart to joy,
                                        Like some glad trumpeter?
                                        All hail! Rouse ye!
                                        Ye who would e'er salvation know!
                                        Behold, I come! Truth nevermore concealed,
                                        God and man to mankind revealed!

                                        A woman ready, waiting;
                                        Resplendent in white robe of sweet humility;
                                        About her brow a royal diadem
                                        Beset with precious jewels

                                        Trustworthiness, hope, purity,
                                        And one by far more fair,
                                        "Greatest of these," the gem of charity.

                                        She caught the clarion call,
                                        The angel voice heralding the dawn
                                        Of a new day, the day of liberty,
                                        And hearkened.
                                        The mist of cloud would feign the vision dim;
                                        But anon the mist lifted; a rim
                                        Of pure white light,
                                        Blessed promise of His presence,
                                        Began to widen, to glisten, to glow,
                                        As day by day, by twilight, by midnight,
                                        Her tryst she kept with God,
                                        Hearkening, ever hearkening

                                        And the "little book" was done:
                                        The Comforter, God's revelation to mankind;
                                        Spirit, the only; Life and Love,
                                        The all-inclusive good;
                                        Man in His image made,
                                        Perfect, pure, and free,
                                        Born not of mortal breath, but immortality!

                                        Now is salvation come, honor, glory;
                                        The "little book open,"
                                        Truth nevermore concealed

                                        God and man to mankind revealed!


[Written for the Sentinel]
"The 'little book open'" by Margaret Weir Whyte
Christian Science Sentinel, April 24, 1926


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