He was the friend of publicans and sinners,
                                              He walked among the lowly and the meek;
                                           He healed the lepers in their unclean raiment,
                                              He to the outcast loving words did speak.
                                           The little children smiled in fearless wonder
                                              As tenderly he blessed their innocence,
                                           And sinful women came in supplication;
                                              Nor did he scorn their tears, nor drive them thence.

                                           With tender words of infinite compassion
                                              He gave the widow back her only son;
                                           He raised again the ruler's little daughter;
                                              He smote the hosts of evil one by one.
                                           The blind who sought him longing by the wayside,
                                              With cry for light and faithful prayer that healed,
                                           The dumb, the lame, the palsied — all responded
                                              To that great fount of tender love unsealed.

                                           Dear Father, as I walk among Thy children,
                                              Oh, may I emulate his gentle mien;
                                           May I reflect that wonderful compassion,
                                              The truth that heals and maketh all things clean.
                                           Oh, may I cheer some heart that's sad and lonely,
                                              By singing of that Love which maketh free;
                                           Oh, may I ever follow in his footsteps,
                                              The people's friend, the Man of Galilee.


"Compassion" by Stella L. Myatt
Christian Science Sentinel, August 22, 1925

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