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Questions and Answers

         If all that is mortal is a dream or error, is not our capacity for formulating a dream, real; is it not God-made; and if God-made, can it be wrong, sinful, or an error?

         The spirit of Truth leads into all truth, and enables man to discern between the real and the unreal. Entertaining the common belief in the opposite of goodness, and that evil is as real as good, opposes the leadings of the divine Spirit that are helping man Godward: it prevents a recognition of the nothingness of the dream, or belief, that Mind is in matter, intelligence in non-intelligence, sin, and death. This belief presupposes not only a power opposed to God, and that God is not All-in-all, as the Scriptures imply Him to be, but that the capacity to err proceeds from God.

         That God is Truth, the Scriptures aver; that Truth never created error, or such a capacity, is self-evident; that God made all that was made, is again Scriptural; therefore your answer is, that error is an illusion of mortals; that God is not its author, and it cannot be real.


Excerpt from "Questions and Answers"
Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy, pp. 49-50

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