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         Does the theology of Christian Science aid its healing?

         Without its theology there is no mental science, no order that proceeds from God. All Science is divine, not human, in origin and demonstration. If God does not govern the action of man, it is inharmonious: if He does govern it, the action is Science. Take away the theology of mental healing and you take away its science, leaving it a human "mind-cure," nothing more nor less, — even one human mind governing another; by which, if you agree that God is Mind, you admit that there is more than one government and God. Having no true sense of the healing theology of Mind, you can neither understand nor demonstrate its Science, and will practise your belief of it in the name of Truth. This is the mortal "mind-cure" that produces the effect of mesmerism. It is using the power of human will, instead of the divine power understood, as in Christian Science; and without this Science there had better be no "mind-cure," — in which the last state of patients is worse than the first.


Excerpt from "Questions and Answers"
Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 58

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