"There is no connection
between a lie and Truth"

         Jesus said the devil was a liar and the father of it. The only Father — Truth — is not its father because there is no connection between a lie and Truth. If a statement is made which has no basis in truth there is no relation between that statement and the truth. Therefore, is it in any true sense (even humanly) a lie about the truth? Is not Jesus' classification of a lie equivalent to saying that it is nothing, no thing? How then can it be related to Truth? The only possible sense in which a lie can be said to be related to truth is that a lie may be believed to be true by one not knowing any better, but does that make it a lie about the truth? If so, how? It could not be a lie about the truth unless it could in some way be considered with the truth. How could one go about making such a connection? If I were to tell you that I rode a horse yesterday when the truth is I have not been astride a horse for forty years, would that be telling you a lie about anything that ever occurred? It would simply be telling a lie about a lie, would it not? Such lies can be told in millions of ways for millions of years, but that would not make them true. Therefore from no possible point of view is it correct to say that a lie is always a lie about something. Hence I repeat that absolutely it is not possible to lie about Truth, and relatively it is not possible to talk about evil at all without telling a lie about a lie.


Extract from a letter by Judge Septimus J. Hanna, CSD
September 17, 1917

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