Friendly Biographers

         We can learn best the real character of Jesus from the beloved disciple — the one who rested on his breast. He knew more of the inner meanings and characteristics of Jesus' life than any other person. The enemies of Jesus could not give any correct analysis of his work. It follows just as truly that one understands best those of his friends that he loves most. One's enemies never could do one justice in writing one's record, and it follows that only the friends of Mrs. Eddy — those who have known and loved her most — can really give a correct estimate of her. It has been my pleasure and privilege to know Mrs. Eddy personally for nearly 25 years. She has visited in my father's home. At one time she came to our home and remained nearly a week. Thereafter she moved into a house directly across the street from where we then lived; and there again she visited in our home. I have visited her in her home, and I know from my personal acquaintance with her that she has lived as pure a life, as unselfish and Christian a life, as is possible for a denizen of this world; and in all that she has done she has considered herself but a humble disciple, seeking to learn more of the spiritual meaning of the Bible that she might impart it to the world, and to its great advantage.


Excerpt from the lecture
"Christian Science: Its Religious and Healing Elements"
Bliss Knapp, CSB

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