Who and What is Right?

         "Whom do men say that I am?" asked our Lord. "Malignity had searched him with candles." Envy, hatred and revenge cried, with murderous hearts, "Crucify him." Sensuality and lust betrayed him, and sold their birthright for thirty pieces. Pride, prejudice and intolerance hastened by "on the other side." Curiosity and superstition called him a false prophet, while ignorance accepted any and every statement which envy or malice put abroad. Sin and sensuality demur at "not being let alone." They are troubled before their time, because of the ever re-appearing Truth.

         Who hath taught us the way which Jesus marked out? Is she right? No linguist taught her to utter herself in those tones which have become like the thunder from Mount Sinai — heard around the world. No poet, sage or philosopher had the forming and delineating of her spiritual thought. No ancient or modern painter taught her how to transfer to mortal sense the eternal verities of divine light and love. No musician lent her his genius or his art to teach her to live a life of unbroken harmony and tune the human heart to sing the hymn of the morning stars.

         Aloneaboveoutside of all she stands on that hoary height, up whose sharp sides no steps have so directly toiled in agony and glory, but those of the blessed Master. Personal sense lost in the universal Love to all God's children, Selfhood renounced and laid upon the altar of divine Love. With the awful power of Truth — transfigured with eternal Love, this leader comes in might, linked to the gentleness and humility of a child, to lisp to the sleeping age the old, new story of God. Dare you say that because she is a woman she is not God-selected and sent? How speaks He in His divine code of Science? It was a woman took three measures of meal, and put into it the leaven which leavened the whole lump. It was a woman who took the ointment, divine Science, and poured it out in offering to the divine inspiration.

         It was the women who knelt at the foot of the cross, when all the disciples had fled in fear for their lives. It was to a woman that the Master first revealed himself. It was the woman who was to be clothed with light, and who should bruise the head of the serpent, while error stung her heel. Who shall interrupt the work of God? Oh fools and blind, do you see the re-appearing of the Star of Bethlehem, and note not the coincident re-appearing of the Christ, the Truth? No man cometh unto the Father but through the idea of Him. Then he who climbs up by any other way is a thief and a robber. Ponder and pause at the awful sin of any attempt to plot against His anointed or usurp that place. Every effort put forth to hinder the world's knowing the right one to lead on this period but lifts her higher into her place.

         It was Judas, not John, who by his infamy and treason hastened on the glorification of our Lord. History repeats itself.

"When was ever God's right hand,
Over any time or land
Stretched as now, beneath the sun?"

         Will you take oil for your expiring lamps from her who has kept one burning with the fuel of self-abnegation and love? Dare you not come as the Rabbis of old, and learn a Christianity which shall put life, and strength, and power into your souls, bodies, and being? Will you listen again, as they did of old, to the wondrous teachings of our God, who heals the sick, and cleanses the leper, and raises the dead? Can you afford to remain outside the feast? "There are those living who shall not taste of death till they see the kingdom of God come with power."


"Who and What is Right?" by "Christian Scientist"
The Christian Science Journal, November, 1885

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