from The Christian Science Journal
and the Christian Science Sentinel

         In the Old Testament we read that the people "wondered" when the ancient prophets healed the sick and raised the dead. In the New Testament we are told that the people "wondered" when Jesus made "the dumb to speak, the maimed to be whole, the lame to walk, and the blind to see." But as Paul asked King Agrippa, "Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that God should raise the dead," so the Christian Scientist asks, Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you that God should heal the sick? Did not Christ Jesus say, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also"? Christian Scientists believe in Christ Jesus, and are endeavoring to obey his commands to "preach the gospel" and "heal the sick."


W. J. W. Booth
Christian Science Sentinel, February 7, 1920

The Christian world has always believed in prayer; but in time of sickness, epidemic, in trouble financial, social, large or small, has it turned in prayer to God, willing to put all reliance there? Prayer should be the "Christian's vital breath." So it was to Daniel, Elijah, Elisha, to Jesus, who said: "For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Christian Science has brought to the world again this conception of prayer, its efficacy, its action, its palpitating force. To prove that God has power sufficient to meet every need, is the mission of the redemption Christian Science is bringing to the world.


Christian Science Sentinel, September 27, 1919

         I had been reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" for three weeks, and some impulse kept me just reading over and over again the chapter on Prayer. On this particular evening, when I reached the Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation, I read until I came to the words, "Enable us to know, as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme" (p. 17), and then there dawned for me my first perception of what the infinitude of God means. I cannot find words to express the comprehension which came to me; but one thing I knew was that there is absolutely no power except God.


Florence Haimbaugh
Christian Science Sentinel, July 26, 1919

         Since taking up the study of this beautiful religion, the years have been crowned with the goodness and the love of God, not because of any change in His attitude towards us, but because Christian Science is teaching us to know Him aright.


Maude Hetherington
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1922

         I have learned to walk and talk with God. I feel His ever-presence daily, and have heard the "still small voice" many times above the testimony of the false material senses. One night, after working very earnestly on a problem in our home, I heard, "Peace, be still." I knew that my work was done; and the next morning the patient was well.


Ethel Lane
Christian Science Sentinel,
March 17, 1928

        . . . We are especially thankful for the knowledge that God has created everything perfect, and that this perfectness cannot be lost.


Maria A. Sijses
Christian Science Sentinel, December 7, 1929

         I did not come into Christian Science for the healing of sickness; but I came because I saw in it what I had been looking and longing for, what was called in the church I then went to "the second coming of Christ." I had read all I could on this subject, and had become convinced it would not be as the churches expected, or as they wrote and spoke on the subject.


Alice M. Anderson
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1924

         Could it be proved that sin and sickness were illusions from which a knowledge of God would save us? Could the power of Mind over matter be proved? Was it possible that Christian Science was the Comforter promised by Jesus? These questions came surging in upon me and slowly but surely they were answered in the affirmative.


Florence B. Hamilton
The Christian Science Journal, May, 1922

         I now know, positively, through personal experiences of physical healing and spiritual growth, that Christian Science is not just a human doctrine, but a divine discovery, a revelation of the law of God.


John George Sumner
Christian Science Sentinel, November 14, 1925

         "God used Mrs. Eddy for a special revelation, and there is, indeed, no reason why this should not be so. No just person can fail to admire her as a religious leader. She has founded a great church, and, let us say it frankly, brought great blessing on countless lives."


Rev. Edward T. Vernon of London, as quoted in the
Christian Science Sentinel, June 19, 1926

"I admire Mrs. Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science, in deep ways, and I frankly consider her one of the most remarkable people in religious history. She has founded a great church; she has left her mark for good on countless lives: indeed she has affected our generation more than any other single man or woman. Most of all, her church and her system of thought and practice must certainly be reckoned with."


Rev. James Black, M.A., D.D.
From a church paper. Quoted in the
Christian Science Sentinel, June 13, 1925; June 5, 1926

         I used to wonder why Christian Scientists always spoke of Mrs. Eddy with such tenderness and reverence. But since I have become familiar with the struggles of her life and know how bravely she persisted, and how surely and successfully she has given to suffering humanity the Science of the healing power of the Christ, I too reverence this great woman and feel confident that she was divinely sustained and guided in this holy work.


Ruth Browning Buck
Christian Science Sentinel, December 18, 1926

         Sometimes it is argued that although Christ Jesus could draw on the unlimited resources of Spirit as he did, it should not be inferred that others may do the same. But the express object the Master had in view during his ministry on earth, was so to instruct his fellowmen regarding the nature of God that they should be able to pray to God as he did, and have their prayers answered as his were answered.


Duncan Sinclair
Christian Science Sentinel, March 6, 1926

         It is over thirty years since my acceptance of Christian Science and my first healing, and during this time I have witnessed many healings that might be called marvels. I have seen that which mortals call death overcome through right reasoning and spiritual understanding as taught in Christian Science, and the person awaken as from a deep sleep. Jesus said we should do "greater works" than he did; and Mrs. Eddy has strengthened his teachings by giving us "precept upon precept; line upon line" to guide us in our work. And it is being proved all over the world that Christian Science applied does heal and bless.


E. Kate Howell
Christian Science Sentinel, February 2, 1929

         When one thinks of the disciples, one generally has in thought the little band whom Jesus gathered around him during his ministry. . . .

         But Christian discipleship is not limited to those early pioneers of Christianity. It is correct to think of all who are striving to follow the Master's teachings and example as his disciples.

        . . . It will be remembered that, after Jesus "called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases . . . he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick." Also, that after he had "appointed other seventy also," he told them to go their ways and into whatsoever city they should enter to "heal the sick . . . therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you." The commands are plain: his disciples were to preach the nearness of the kingdom of God and to heal the sick!


Duncan Sinclair
Christian Science Sentinel, April 3, 1926

         Years ago when I first heard of Christian Science it was presented as something absurd and to be avoided, so I went on in ignorance, making fun of it or seriously advising people against it. Only when in despair over what would have been lifelong disfigurement to a darling child, and when doctors sadly and regretfully told me that nothing could be done, did I turn to God, the loving Father-Mother, as He is presented to us in Christian Science. Within three weeks the child's limbs became perfectly straight. Words can never express my gratitude for this and many subsequent proofs that the healing Christ is with us now, just as much as when our Lord healed the sick and sinning nearly two thousand years ago.


Hon. Lady Henniker Heaton
Christian Science Sentinel, January 25, 1919

         It had long seemed to me that there was something lacking in the teachings of the church to which I belonged, for we had Jesus' definite words, "These signs shall follow them that believe . . . they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover;" yet this was not being done. So when I heard of Christian Science, it seemed natural that a correct understanding of God should result in the cure of disease. I read the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, but without getting much meaning out of it. It was not till I was suffering from chronic neuritis that I was sufficiently humble to ask for help. A talk with a dear Christian Scientist comforted me, and her parting words, lovingly and confidently spoken, "Nothing can hurt God's child," gave me hope. She had promised to give me treatment, and just a week later I awoke one morning with a wonderful realization of God as the only Life. I had thought I had always believed that God was Life, but I had not seen before what that meant. I felt I was healed, although the pain left me only gradually.

         It was an Easter morning when this light came, and for the first time I was really grateful to Christ Jesus for his wonderful work in overcoming death, and I saw why Christian experience is spoken of as a warfare — the constant effort to prove that God, good, is the only Life and the only power. From that day my health improved, and it is now normal.


Jessie G. Gray
The Christian Science Journal, May, 1922

         Through years of service in an orthodox church I had come to have great faith in prayer and to believe if one prayed "nothing doubting" he would receive an answer, and I had experienced some practical proofs of this. This faith led me to Christian Science, and not until then did I even dream that evil is not real, and that there is a rule by which to prove its unreality. Through the application of this rule I have been healed physically, morally, and financially.


Janet D. Burbridge
The Christian Science Journal, October, 1920

         We find in Christian Science that it is not enough to see God, Truth, intellectually; we must reflect the truth and live it in order to grow in understanding.


Josephine Meador
Christian Science Sentinel, November 28, 1925

         At first, there was much in Science and Health that I could not understand; but I had been advised not to be discouraged by this but to press on faithfully, using as much of the truth as I understood, and I should find that whatever seemed obscure would unfold as the natural result of spiritual growth. This has been proved true many times; and I can recommend it to everyone.


Marguerite Little Young
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1924

        . . . As I took ["Science and Health"] in hand for the second reading, I closed my eyes and mentally declared my desire to know the truth, with love-filled thought telling God that I was willing to lay aside preconceived and educated beliefs for Christian Science, if it were the truth; that I would carefully, prayerfully read and practice just the little I understood. Is it any wonder that before I finished reading the book the second time I was healed? Yes, absolutely healed of an organic disease and extreme nervous prostration. How could it have been otherwise when I had opened the door of my thought to divine Love?

         During the latter reading (and at times it would last for hours) I became so absorbed that I could not lay the book aside. Daily I was becoming conscious of healing taking place; and in an uplifted moment I exclaimed, "Oh, that I might know the certainty of all this, this that seems too wonderful to be true!" Instantly the room seemed to be flooded with a great light, and I lost all sense of self. I had received an answer to my prayer.


Caroline A. Parker
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1924

         I was coming home late one evening, and for several blocks it was necessary for me to be on the street alone. As I thought of the late hour and being alone, I became very fearful, and began working to lift that sense of fear. The longer I worked, the more I hesitated to turn on to the street that would bring me within two doors of my home. When I came to the place to turn, I heard a voice say, "Turn." In obedience I turned, and as I did so all sense of fear left me. A moment later I found myself surrounded as if with light, was just enveloped in it, and again I heard the voice of Truth speak and say, "Why are you afraid when you are in the presence of God?" I answered, "I am not," and went on my way home fearlessly. . . . When I am tempted to be afraid, this experience is always remembered with joy, for one cannot be afraid when realizing the omnipresence of God.


Mabel Tuttle
Christian Science Sentinel,
September 11, 1926

        . . . In the secret of His presence / All the seeming fades away, / All the shadows, all the dreaming, / As we wake to God's own day — / Wake to man as His reflection, / Safe in Love, reality; / In the secret of His presence / We shall find eternity.


Mabel A. Birdno
Christian Science Sentinel, September 5, 1925

        . . . I was . . . restored to life and its activities after having seemingly passed on, even after manifesting such symptoms as mortification of the feet, and so on.

        . . . Such experiences serve to show that the human consciousness can be resurrected from all beliefs of evil; and thus they give us confidence and assurance that as we gain a "new and higher idea of immortality, or spiritual existence" (Science and Health, p. 593), material belief yields to spiritual understanding.


Frances Clarke Gerow
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1925

         I knew nothing whatever of Christian Science, but a lady who was taking meals where I was boarding, and who was a Christian Scientist, was able to realize so clearly the healing ever-presence of the Christ, Truth, when I seemed to be passing on one morning, that I was restored to consciousness and began to recover immediately.


Maude Forrester
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1925

         Some years ago, when I first became interested in Christian Science, I took my little boy to have treatment. From his birth he had been a most delicate child always under the doctor's care, and the doctors had little hope of his ever growing up; . . . He was healed after the first treatment. In fact, when I brought him back to see the practitioner she inquired, "Is this the same boy or is it a brother?" so changed was he in appearance. His little white face had become rosy and healthy, and there was just the difference between a very sick child and a healthy one.


Mary McClements
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1920

         As I was hobbling along the street one day, I passed a Christian Science church, and noticed a sign reading, "Free Lecture on Christian Science." Although I did not know what Christian Science was, I was very desirous to attend the lecture and managed to get there, but in great pain. I shall never forget what a grand lecture that was about God and man, and man's relation to God. From then on, the light began to dawn on me; and having caught some of the crumbs that had fallen, I certainly went home a much wiser and happier man. The next Sunday I attended the Christian Science church, and was advised to secure a textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. This I did, and have read and reread it. I soon began to experience some of the most beautiful healings, both physical and spiritual. The tobacco habit of long standing left me completely; and as I began to understand more about God, and of the relation man bears to Him, that God is Mind, divine Principle, I began to put off the "old man" and take on the "new." Rheumatism, profanity, and temper left me; and I have had no use for cane or crutches since.


Charles A. Stipp
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1924

         Mankind needs brotherly love and unity in all the activities of life, political and religious, industrial and domestic, and these can only be realized through the right understanding of God as the Father of us all and through faith in the ever-present power of His love. In His kingdom all men are brothers, and in that realm of reality there is no warfare nor want, no sorrow, no sickness, no sin. God never made any of these things, and there is no other creator. So, as we come nearer to the truth, we are made free from fear of what is unlike God.


A. G. Stevenson
Christian Science Sentinel, December 13, 1919

         I should like to testify to the healing of hatred, as I had thought before coming into this beautiful truth of Christian Science that I was justified in hating one who I thought had wronged me. I was healed through that love which comes from God.


Kate M. Yeakle
The Christian Science Journal, July, 1923

         Since God is Love, and man is the image of Love, he can in reality be conscious only of Love, never of its suppositional opposite. In the same way, the other six synonyms for God — "Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 465) — are reflected by the real man, who has no consciousness of their illusive opposites.


Marjorie N. Buffum
Christian Science Sentinel, March 6, 1926

         A neighbor of ours brooded over a fancied wrong which he thought had been done him and would not even return our greeting or speak to us, and several times made unkind remarks to others about us. This condition lasted for about three years until one day I had occasion to be near his mine and was enabled to see so clearly the absurdity and falsity of his attitude that the error was instantly destroyed. He immediately came to me and said he had just seen where he had been mistaken in holding animosity against me but still spoke in a defamatory manner of my partner. A week later he came unasked and helped me repair a boiler and repeated his remarks about my partner, which I mentally denied. He went to my partner the same day and spoke cheerfully to him and ever since has been a staunch friend.


George J. F. Stephens
The Christian Science Journal, November, 1920

         Not long ago, a young student of Christian Science found herself treading a thorny path in a strange city. Those with whom she was associated in a business way were generally unkind and disagreeable. Where there should have been joy in her work, there was a sense of dread, and unhappiness was settling down like a pall upon her young life. One who had been studying God's law a little longer than this student, on being told of the apparent inharmony, reminded her that she had left off her armor, and advised her to pray each morning, on her way to her day's work, for a baptism of love which would enable her to give forth loving thoughts toward all with whom she came in contact. In a few days the miracle was wrought: the armor of loving thoughts had repelled all unlike these thoughts.


Ida Capen Fleming
Christian Science Sentinel, October 3, 1925

         Christian Science teaches that although the fact of man's unity with Life, Truth, and Love is established forever, this unity must be made a reality for us in our daily life, in order that we may be saved and protected from giving power to unreality, that is, to whatever is unlike God.
To do this, we must prove our unity with Love by being loving; for if we hate, man's unity with Love is no reality for us. So also, we must prove the reality of man's unity with Truth by being truthful and honest. Our Leader asks in her Message to The Mother Church for 1902 (p. 8), "Is it necessary to say that the likeness of God, Spirit, is spiritual, and the likeness of Love is loving?"


Muriel Nelson
Christian Science Sentinel, March 27, 1926

         Whereas before I could see nothing but darkness and in every person an enemy, I now see light, and love everyone. I am very grateful for the spiritual uplift which Christian Science has given me.

Mathilde Stein
Christian Science Sentinel, August 9, 1919

         My first healings in Christian Science were not of physical ills, but of unkind thoughts and a disagreeable disposition. I had suffered from these more than from any illness. And those who have had healings similar to mine will know the happiness one feels on being relieved of irritability, nagging, faultfinding, harsh judgment, condemnation, and unkind criticism. Oh, the unspeakable joy to find that man is not the sinful creature which mortal mind would paint him, but the image and likeness of God, and that the physical senses cannot give reliable information regarding man and his activities!


Addie Potter
Christian Science Sentinel, January 12, 1929

         An appealing story is told of a little boy who was troubled with an annoying physical difficulty and who asked his mother to read to him from the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, that little book that has brought comfort and healing to so many sufferers. The mother read many pages before the fever left the little lad, and then he dropped off into a peaceful sleep, to awaken the next morning quite his happy, healthy self. Several days later this mother received a letter couched in crude English, written in a large, unformed hand, asking her to send the writer of the letter the name of the book out of which she had read to her son on the night before mentioned, and going on to explain that the writer, a professional robber, had at the time been concealed under the little boy's bed, having entered the house a short time previous with the definite plan to rob. Hearing the beautiful message of hope and love that the mother read to her little son, he had been healed of his criminal desire and was eager to know more of the truth contained in the book and to learn, if possible, to apply it to his daily life.


Eleanor G. R. Young
Christian Science Sentinel,
May 16, 1925

         An experience about a year and a half ago brought to me a clearer realization of the truth of the statement in Science and Health (p. 469), "If mortals claimed no other Mind and accepted no other, sin would be unknown." Two men came into our place of business one evening and ordered some goods, but instead of paying for them leveled a gun at my husband. Looking round I saw the gun and what they were attempting to do. It came to me instantly that in reality there was no evil influence or power to impel them to rob us. I talked to them for a few moments, and they turned and left without taking anything. My husband and I were both very grateful for this proof of God's protecting power.


Callie W. Dicken
Christian Science Sentinel, June 23, 1928

         It has been my desire for some time to express my gratitude for the many blessings I have received through Christian Science.

         . . . In 1915 our house and all the buildings on the farm were blown away in a tornado. There were five in the house at the time, including myself and our little girl, who was then eight months old. No one was hurt, except for a few bruises and cuts, although the house was completely demolished and scattered for more than a mile.


Louise Wait
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1923

        . . . A cousin living in the West wrote that she had received much help from Christian Science, and urged me to try it. All I had ever heard about Christian Science was against it. I thought it some new fad, and was very much prejudiced against it; but my husband and sister, although having no especial faith in it, urged me to try it; and I finally did, much against my will. When I saw the practitioner I said: "I want you to fully understand me. I do not believe in Christian Science. I do not believe in you or that you can cure me. I only try you to please my husband and sister." Then she asked so gently, "You believe in God?" I indignantly replied, "Of course I do!" Then she quietly and lovingly talked to me of Christian Science. I can never repay her for her loving, tender patience in leading me forward, awakening me to see and understand my real self. The healing [of a so-called incurable disease] was slow, but sure.


Della H. Davis
The Christian Science Journal, November, 1922

         While I was enjoying the privilege of class instruction, two students related the healing and restoration of parts of fingers which had been cut off. This prepared my thought to expect a similar healing in my own home. My husband had a finger severed at about the first joint, the severed portion being completely destroyed. A physician dressed the remaining portion of the finger and stated that it would be impossible for the finger to grow again or to have a fingernail. However, my husband telephoned to a Christian Science practitioner for help and thereafter dressed his own finger; he applied no material remedy, and lost no time from his work. In a few months the part of the finger which had been destroyed was replaced, the finger becoming the same length and size as before the accident.


Alma E. Townsend
Christian Science Sentinel, June 22, 1929

         Some years ago my boy, then three years of age, met with an accident in which the end of his finger was entirely severed between the nail and the first joint. The end of the finger was not put back. I tied the rest of the finger up and asked for Christian Science treatment, which was lovingly given; and not only was the finger healed of the cut, but it grew out perfectly with a new nail. Today he is a young man, and no one could ever tell that he had had a bit of his finger cut off.


Arvada Lewis Webb
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1925

         I almost severed the end of my toe, so that it hung by a thread of flesh. It was set in place and held there by a strip of linen. The pain, which was excruciating, ceased in about twenty minutes. The dry blood was washed away the following morning, and only a thin red line indicated where the tear had been. I put my shoe on, did much walking that day, and would never have known that I had had an accident.


Maybelle Gowenlock
The Christian Science Journal, October, 1922

         Probably that for which I am most grateful is the demonstration of supply. In finding my right place in the business world, I have surely been guided by divine Love. To mortal sense, this working out took time; but I can truly say that every step of the way was one of progress. In "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 307) Mrs. Eddy writes: "God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment." During the period of this demonstration, many erroneous thoughts were brought to the surface and destroyed. A false sense of hatred, which was directed toward me, was uncovered and overcome. It is very evident, from the harmonious experiences which I have had, that when the truth is applied diligently in all business problems, it is proved to us that, as Mrs. Eddy writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 494), "in every hour, divine Love supplies all good."


Henry F. Merritt
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1925

         It may be of interest that previous to my taking up Christian Science, religion played no part in my daily life. Owing to my education I felt rather ashamed to have a special interest in religion. Christian Science has changed all this. It was the use of the word "Principle" as a synonym for God which appealed to me particularly, and led me to the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. . . .

         [Christian Science] has healed me of intellectualism and its pride. This seemed to me for some time the giving up of my very self, and the resistance was accordingly an obstinate one. The understanding of Jesus' words, "I can of mine own self do nothing," got the better of the situation, and I am striving daily to gain more of that understanding.


Alfred Gertsch, Jr.
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1925

         At present . . . the most destructive misrepresentations [of Christian Science] are not those which are made by outright opponents, but those which are made by persons claiming to be Christian Scientists. For these reasons, not only the general public, but even sincere Christian Scientists, are liable to be misled unless they are discerning and watchful.


Committee on Publication, Annual Meeting of The Mother Church
Christian Science Sentinel, June 19, 1926

         The Christian Science practitioner whose aid is sought for the healing of the belief of sickness does not fix thought upon a so-called material body which is supposed to be in need of healing. Such a process has nothing in common with Christian Science practice. Rather does the Christian metaphysician turn from the contemplation of material conditions to find the perfect man as God's idea, never discordant, depleted, or inharmonious. Likewise, in church building, the demonstration is not made through concentrating mental energy upon materiality, the funds necessary to purchase stone and steel and to pay for construction. Such a process would not be in accordance with our Leader's teaching. The practical worker turns to the gaining of spiritual ideas and a clearer understanding of Spirit, the true substance and its infinite expression. By this process the channels are opened through which supply becomes manifest in terms of the needful things.


Albert F. Gilmore
Christian Science Sentinel, January 16, 1926

         Let us know that the so-called material, sinning, unlovely creature we believe we sometimes see with the human eye is only a counterfeit, and that God's own man is really present. Let us discard the wholly illusionary view, which purports to see what is not; for, holding it, we are only holding in thought a mortal concept, — are only holding to an age-old delusion or false concept. This false concept bears the same relation to the true man as the statement that twice two is five bears to the fact that twice two is four, — no true relation at all.


Eskew Harold Archer
Christian Science Sentinel,
May 16, 1925

Human philosophies are forever trying to understand Mind through "its opposite, matter," and that is why they lead nowhere and can never satisfy us.


F. Maud Brown
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1920

         The sharp distinction Mrs. Eddy makes between the real and the unreal, the spiritual and the material, appealed to me from the very first; also her advice to prove for ourselves the truth of her teachings. On page 370 of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," she writes, "The body improves under the same regimen which spiritualizes the thought;" and this was proved to be true in my case, for as fear, worry, and resentment gave place to true thinking, better conditions prevailed.


Nellie H. McLeod
Christian Science Sentinel, May 23, 1925

         One of mankind's strongest desires is to maintain an harmonious condition in the flesh, to establish a normal state of existence in order the better to enjoy life at its full. The materially-minded, it seems, have missed the point of Jesus' words, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." Abundant life with such materialists means a larger measure of sensuous living; with those of heavenly vision, more abundant life is a larger concept of the Life which is divine, gained not through increasing sensuous belief, but rather through replacement of material beliefs by the spiritual concept of Life as God.


Albert F. Gilmore
Christian Science Sentinel, February 7, 1925

         As a bank note, fresh from the Government Bureau of Engraving and Printing, has no correspondence to a spurious imitation, so the true man, comprehended and formed by Mind, is always above and distinct from the illusion of a finite, fleshly form. As this fact is discerned, and earnest efforts are made to put off the untrue and unreal, harmony is manifested in the so-called physical realm, thus exemplifying the practical nature of Christian Science teaching.


George Silas Haddock
Christian Science Sentinel,
March 25, 1922

        . . . True criticism does not mean merely to deny, slander, or be indifferent to all that goes wrong, but means the discernment between good and evil, which is quite a different thing.


Emile Henriot
Christian Science Sentinel November 30, 1940

         "Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up," Christ Jesus told the disciples bringing him word that the Pharisees were offended at his teachings. Whatever is held in thought which is not true, which has not its origin in the divine, sooner or later must be removed. Truth must and will supplant every erroneous belief, every phase of falsity to which mortal thought would cling.


Albert F. Gilmore
Christian Science Sentinel, April 24, 1926

        . . . Our friend [a clergyman] objects to others having their views regarding the deity of Christ Jesus; yet we find in the King James Bible that Jesus is referred to as the "Son of God." Then, too, when Jesus was called "Good Master," he said, "Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God." We are told in the Bible that "God is a Spirit." After his resurrection Jesus said, "A spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have."


William Brandt
Christian Science Sentinel, May 1, 1926

         Critics of Christian Science should remember that their failure to accomplish, in some degree, the healing works demanded by the Master of his followers, denotes a lack of understanding of his teaching and of the divine Principle involved in such works, and should deter them from judging a teaching which, in an encouraging measure, is doing those very works.


Louis Potts
Christian Science Sentinel, May 1, 1926

         "[Christ Jesus] said: Go preach, Go teach, Go heal. ... I thank God for the protest that Christian Science raised against the failure of the Christian church to practice one of the commands of Christ."


The Very Rev. Dean Israel Harding Noe, quoted in the
Christian Science Sentinel, January 23, 1926

         The account of the building of the walls of Jerusalem by Nehemiah is a grand object lesson. Every possible obstacle seemed to be placed in the way of the builders. Sometimes it took the form of direct and definite opposition, sometimes of threats, sometimes of ridicule; and sometimes, more dangerous still in its subtlety, it appeared as kindly interest with suggestions of conferences and discussions. But Nehemiah and his people knew that the building of the wall was God's work; and so the efforts of mortal mind, as typified by Sanballat, and Tobiah, and Geshem, had no power to discourage or delay. The building progressed steadily, because each worker had his definite task to do, one building the sheep gate, another the valley gate, another the gate of the fountain, and so on, until every part had its faithful worker; because, as we read, "they which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon. For the builders, every one had his sword girded by his side, and so builded," always ready to smite error, to resist the attacks of Sanballat and his friends; and, lastly, because all the workers were of one Mind, diligent in the Father's service.


Henry P. Cayley
Christian Science Sentinel, June 12, 1926

         I am so grateful to know that God is "a very present help in trouble," as a provable fact and not merely as a theory. The knowledge of God that I have gained from the study of Christian Science gives me peace and happiness, and a sense of security that I never knew before.


Grace R. Pinkham
The Christian Science Journal, October, 1924

         During the recent earthquake in Japan, I was staying in Kamakura with a Japanese family, students of Christian Science. While bathing in the sea on the morning of September 1, 1923, I was suddenly knocked down, without any warning. At once I declared, "God is All omnipotent;" and such a sense of peace and joy came to me, with confidence in God's love and power for protection, that I was conscious of nothing else. I did not feel afraid at all, nor notice at first that houses and cliffs were falling all around; and I was able to join the family and escape from the tidal wave which came up almost immediately.


Rose Stewart
The Christian Science Journal, August, 1924

         During the war, and while serving in France, I was severely wounded. While in this state and in great pain, all I could think was, "God is my Life, and God is my strength." With this assurance, I pulled through three successive nights. Afterwards, the head nurse told me they had all given up hope. I was finally discharged as disabled and medically unfit, and was left a physical wreck. I could not seem to get rid of pain. While I was at my home in England, I asked a Christian Science practitioner to help me; and treatment was lovingly given. From the first treatment I began to improve. The healing was slow but sure; and one day I found I was perfectly healed. I could walk, run, jump, without any ill effect whatsoever, a thing which I had not been able to do for over three years.


Arthur G. H. Pratten
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1924

         At the close of the first semester, it had seemed necessary for me to leave high school. I studied during the evenings, but could not find time for my algebra. At the end of the year, I was permitted to take the examination with my classmates. During the test in algebra I became so discouraged that it seemed impossible to solve any of the problems. I bowed my head in prayer, and the realization came that God is Mind, and that man in God's image and likeness reflects this Mind. I turned to my paper. The way to work out the problems came, as if written before my eyes. Thus the power of divine Principle overcame discouragement and a limited sense. I passed all my examinations.


Enid Goodwin
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1924

         My husband was restored when he had to mortal sense passed on. It was the clear thought of my little son that did this work. Having hurried to my husband's side as I saw the change, I turned to the child and told him his father was dead. Quickly he answered, "There is no death; God is his life," and running to the side of the couch he began calling his father to awake. Faintly and slowly the pulse resumed its action, the color came into the lips, and after a little while he opened his eyes and said, "I thought I was gone." The child's face seemed glorified as he triumphantly exclaimed, "I told you God was his life."


Hazel Zeigler
Christian Science Sentinel,
June 28, 1919

         A well-authenticated case has just come to my attention of the recent healing of a mounted policeman's horse, twenty-four years old, and a great favorite because of long and faithful service. One morning the horse was found blind and with both hind legs paralyzed. A veterinary said there was no remedy, and ordered the horse shot. The patrolman's wife, who had known something of the teachings of Christian Science, asked to try that method of healing. A practitioner took up the case, and in a very few days the horse was perfectly normal and again in service.


Albert F. Gilmore
Christian Science Sentinel, October 26, 1918

         One morning while I was using an alcohol lamp a fire broke out on my table. Several inflammable articles were near and the blaze was quite high. I left the room to get water but could find nothing in which to fetch it. On returning I found that the flames had increased. The window curtains were near, and my fear was intense, for I was alone in a stranger's house. I cried out, What shall I do? and the answer came: There is but one way. Turn to God. I stood and faced the flames, knowing that matter cannot burn, for all is infinite Mind. They immediately went out. I        I had used no material means and had proved that "perfect love casteth out fear," for on page 586 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy has interpreted fire as "fear."


Gertrude E. Phipps
Christian Science Sentinel, May 10, 1919

        . . . I slipped and severely wrenched my back. Thinking the strain would disappear in a day or two, I paid no attention to it; but instead of getting better it grew worse, and I was thinking of calling a doctor. As I was leaving the house, however, my wife, who had been studying Christian Science for several years, asked me if I wanted her to call up a practitioner and obtain help for me. I hesitated, as I could not see how Christian Science would do me any good, but on considering that it had proved successful with my wife and other members of the family, although I doubted that it would benefit me, I gave her permission to telephone for help. I went on with my business, and during the afternoon I suddenly realized that I could bend over without any pain. This seemed very wonderful to me. When I returned home, my wife told me she had talked to the practitioner, and it was then I learned that I had been instantaneously healed.


John W. Parker
Christian Science Sentinel,
June 13, 1925

         Our boy, aged eleven, was coming home from school on his bicycle. In telling me afterwards about it he said, "Something told me to jump; for I was jumping before I realized that an automobile was almost upon me." As the boy jumped, the automobile struck the bicycle and passed over it. The boy landed on the sidewalk unharmed. That protection, God's protection, is for each and every one of us, if we will only listen and obey.


Ina W. McIntosh
Christian Science Sentinel, February 28, 1925

One day a student of Christian Science, on board a fast train that was speeding across the country, was joyously engaged in gleaning more of the realization that man is spiritual, when the word "collision" came suddenly to her thought. She was impelled to go to work at once to destroy fear of danger, and her eyes turned to "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, which lay open on her lap. She saw these words (p. 581): "Ark. Safety; the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved to be as immortal as its Principle." The truth expressed in these words brought a sense of security and protection, and the recognition that man is always safe in the presence of God. Almost simultaneous with this realization the train came to a sudden stop in mid-country, and then began to go backward. On looking back, the traveler saw an automobile on the embankment by the track, a short distance away; and on reaching the scene she learned that the four occupants of the car were unharmed, as was the car itself. Although the locomotive engineer and others believed there had been a collision, what had really occurred was that the automobile had been suddenly turned in the direction the train was running and was stopped by the embankment near the track, standing in its usual upright position, and without harm to anyone.


Harriet O'Brien
Christian Science Sentinel, December 12, 1925

         We were twenty-eight days in the front line before we were relieved, and during this time we were subjected to countless attacks, had very little sleep, and were continually in wet things, the water at times spurting out of our boots as we walked. In this condition we were told off for rest and shelter to a flax mill a considerable distance to our rear, and very grateful we were to snatch a few hours for rest and sleep. I was not, however, allowed to sleep undisturbed, for I was awakened in the night by what seemed to me a voice warning me of the presence of danger; and this warning proved necessary, as I shortly discovered the mill was on fire. Instantly I gave the alarm, and my comrades gathered up their belongings and hastily left the burning building, thankful to escape unscathed and unharmed in what was to them such a miraculous way.


Michael J. Fahy
Christian Science Sentinel,
November 22, 1919

        . . . When a son was away at school, one Saturday morning a feeling of great apprehension came over me concerning him. I wondered how I could stand it until I could hear from him, as it took a letter five days to reach me. Then the thought came that since God was with him, therefore I need not fear — no harm could come to him. I kept those thoughts until I felt relieved. Later he told me that on that particular Saturday he and his chum were going to a football game, but after they were all ready decided to stay in their room and read. Neither knew why they had changed their minds. During the game a pillar broke where they would have sat. They were thus protected as all are who depend upon the all-wise Father-Mother God.


Wilma Merrell
Christian Science Sentinel, June 2, 1928

        . . . One morning on my way downtown, I unwittingly stepped in front of a big truck. When I saw it there seemed no way to avoid being struck down by it, and there was an instant of fear; but immediately I thought of God. There was no time for words of denial or affirmation; but with the thought of God there came a realization of His presence, and I felt as if lifted bodily, without any volition of my own, and placed in safety on the sidewalk. I was filled with awe and thanksgiving.


Georgene L. Miller
Christian Science Sentinel,
December 19, 1925

        . . . I found myself rooming at the home of a Christian Science practitioner. One evening I returned from downtown suffering with a sick headache, and on entering the house, had to lie down. The practitioner asked if I cared to have her treat me, and I said if she could help me any to do so, although I did not know how Christian Science worked and did not believe in it. She told me to go to my room and I obeyed, and as I reached the doorway of the room the headache disappeared; then I knew a change of thought was necessary about the efficacy of Christian Science, so I took up the study of it.


Thomas W. Hendricks
Christian Science Sentinel,
November 23, 1918

        . . . I became very ill suddenly at noontime, having a hemorrhage which continued a half hour. I felt that I could not live many more minutes, so asked my mother to telephone for a Christian Science practitioner — not to get help for myself, because I did not expect to live until my mother reached the place from which she could telephone, but in order that the practitioner might comfort her. About ten or fifteen minutes after she left the house I felt very much better and regretted having asked anyone to go out on such a hot day. An hour later, when the practitioner arrived, he said that as soon as he left the telephone he sat down and gave me a treatment. I knew then why I had felt so much better in a short time. Mrs. Eddy asks, "Felt ye the power of the Word?" (Poems, p. 75.) This was what I had felt, and I had been snatched from the edge of the grave.


Caroline Kruse
Christian Science Sentinel,
October 12, 1918

         Before I became interested in Christian Science, I called on some Christian Science friends in Denver one day when I was suffering from a severe cold. When I left their house I became suddenly conscious of the fact that I had no cold — I had been healed. This seemed so strange that I did not forget it. Several years later, after I had gained some understanding of Christian Science, I realized that it was the true thinking of these friends which had healed me. It is my one desire that I, too, may live consciously in this atmosphere of divine Truth, so that wherever my thought may rest it may carry a blessing.


Catherine Hartzell
Christian Science Sentinel, October 19, 1919

         One night I stood beside [my daughter's] bed, when error seemed to be present, afraid to leave her alone during the night while I slept. Then I heard as it were a voice speaking . . . In the words of the same beloved one hundred and twenty-first psalm the voice seemed to say, "Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep." I stepped back rebuked, and with tears of gratitude and humility retired to peaceful rest. The child was indeed safe.


Maysie Garratt
Christian Science Sentinel, July 4, 1925

        . . . When I was Reader for our society and was doing the work of a practitioner, there was an epidemic of influenza in our town and one night I awoke with every symptom of the ailment. . . . Fear came, suggesting what would be said and thought of one in my position being too ill to read, and so on. Then suddenly, as if written on the wall before me in large letters, I seemed to see a text which was in our Lesson-Sermon for that week. I had noticed it particularly as it was written in capital letters. It was as follows from Revelation: "KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS." I began to think what these words meant and to realize that they referred to the omnipotence of God, and that since God is all-power, evil could have no power, and so I need not fear it. While thinking thus I fell asleep, and when I awoke in the morning the fever and pain were gone.


Esther Murray
Christian Science Sentinel, March 29, 1919

         Personally I owe my life to Christian Science. It came to me when I was lying in a hospital, unconscious and not expected to live through the night. In the epistle of James we read, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Such is the power of scientific prayer that the first absent treatment lifted me out of the jaws of death and I was pronounced out of danger the next morning.


M. S. Temple Hill
Christian Science Sentinel, November 28, 1925

         It is my privilege to be learning something of what Life really is. Looking forward to each new day and anticipating its opportunities to learn, to serve, to give, is joy unspeakable. I am indeed "Grateful beyond the power of speech; / Grateful for Spirit's infinite reach; / Grateful that all Life's lessons teach / At-one-ment with our Father-Mother God."


Mabelle B. Wilson
Christian Science Sentinel, January 23, 1926

         My daily desire and prayer is to become a better man, and to reflect love to everyone I come in contact with. I can only express my thanks to Christian Science by living closer to its teachings, as taught by Mrs. Eddy.


William F. Jens
Christian Science Sentinel, November 15, 1919

         I had class instruction from one of Mrs. Eddy's loyal students. This dear teacher asked what I thought about the healing in Christian Science. I replied, thinking of the healing in Jesus' time, that I should not be surprised to be perfectly healed in a moment. She explained so simply and clearly the truth about the God of love who sends no sickness, sin, or death that I accepted it at once and was healed of a most severe trouble. Very soon I was able to help myself and others with this truth.


Harriet C. Foss
Christian Science Sentinel, November 22, 1924

         My first illumination came when reading our textbook. It was as clear as someone speaking to me. "I hope, dear reader, I am leading you into the understanding of your divine rights" (p. 253). From childhood I had been taught to believe the Bible. But I now saw that all my former laws of life and health had come from physiology, not from the Bible. It was unbelievable; and worse still, the whole world was duped just as I had been.


Dr. Corinne Larimore
Christian Science Sentinel, September 5, 1925

         It was not chance which led us to Kansas to live beside a Christian Scientist. I was bitterly prejudiced, but I watched; questions came, and I began to wonder. Months passed, the watching continued, the questions multiplied, the wonder grew till, unable to contain them longer, I stopped the lady one day as she was passing through my yard and put this abrupt question: "Won't you tell me, please, what Christian Science is?" The children had a sand pile under an apple tree, and we sat down there just as little children do, and she explained, while I questioned. As we talked my heart burned within me as the hearts of the apostles burned within them on the walk to Emmaus. My star of Bethlehem rose directly overhead, a great light shone about me; the Christ was revealed; I had found that for which I had sought. I had never thought of physical healing; nevertheless it came in that hour, and it was a perfect healing.


Mary Fritz
Christian Science Sentinel, May 24, 1919

        . . . The craving for whisky was not easily or quickly healed, and, as a consequence, neither was the claim of gaunt want. I had many practitioners, in many places, all of whom helped me and encouraged me to hold on; but I continued to stumble and fall until about sixteen years ago I met a practitioner in St. Louis, who saw that the mental condition was one of grief. He treated me, and I was healed of grief. The false appetite for stimulants and the false belief of want then disappeared. In due time I was restored to my proper place and to my family and friends.


John L. Bruce
The Christian Science Journal, May, 1923

         The Bible says, "In thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore." Inasmuch as God is Spirit, the only joy is spiritual; and as this joy comes into our experience, the so-called pleasures of evil cease to attract or allure. This is exactly what Christian Science does for us. It shows us that man has real satisfaction only in spirituality; that he does not have to crave constantly for something to bring him surcease, but that God abundantly and continuously gives him that peace which passeth human understanding.


Charles V. Winn
Christian Science Sentinel, December 27, 1919

         In Christian Science is found the divine Principle and law of man's being, the eternal fact of man's unity with infinite God, good, declaring that man has never been separated from his joy, that it is an integral part of his being, and that he can prove it, prove it wherever he is, no matter what the condition or situation. The law of God, good, is always ready to give man joy and happiness if he will only turn to it and use it.


Geraldine Rede
Christian Science Sentinel, January 17, 1925

         Christian Scientists rejoice that through the study of the Bible in connection with the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," they are learning how to wash their robes white "in the blood of the Lamb." Day by day, hour by hour, joyfully they grasp each opportunity to replace wrong thoughts with right ones. Carefully they wipe out each stain of sense testimony with the affirmation of God's ever present, ever operative law of justice, joy, and peace, thus demonstrating the power of God to heal every form of sin and disease. Finding their own way out of all tribulation, they can assist others to see God's law and its practical operation in every human problem. Then when clad in white robes, the palm of victory in their hands, they can join with the great multitude spoken of by the Revelator as crying with a loud voice, "Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb."


Julia S. Kinney
Christian Science Sentinel, October 11, 1919

         Human will stands for all that is opposed to the divine Mind. . . . It was the belief in human will that led the prodigal son to leave his father's house. It was human will that seemed to deprive him of his substance and heritage, and took him into the illusive, deceptive paths of mortal error until he sank into companionship with swine. Then, when the undesirability, yes, the nothingness of the belief in a life apart from God was seen, he came to himself and arose from his material sense of life and pleasure. Was not the desire to become as one of his father's servants the humble recognition of the necessity for obedience to the divine will? And this recognition awakened him to his privileges as a son.

         . . . It is imperative at the present hour to examine thought carefully in order to learn whether it is human will or the divine will that is governing us.


Genevieve P. Olson
Christian Science Sentinel, September 12, 1925

         The student of history knows how true is the saying, "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people," to be found in the fourteenth chapter of Proverbs. Let a nation be just, upright, moral; let its tendency be towards the spiritual and away from the material, and its prosperity is assured. But should materiality be allowed to hold sway and the sensuous to predominate, then the nation, whatever it may be, is bound to descend in the scale of civilization. The law is fixed: "Righteousness exalteth a nation;" but evil doing degrades it, even to the point of its extermination should it continue to indulge in sin.


Duncan Sinclair
Christian Science Sentinel, January 16, 1926

         One morning after sharpening an ax I repaired to the woods with my son. While cutting some poles to make a raft my ax glanced through a rotten alder and landed into my right ankle bone. I sat down and removed the shoe, bound up the wound and started to rise, but found that I was lapsing into a state of unconsciousness. By holding to the truth I was able to rise, walk a mile, have breakfast, and attend a meeting at which I read the Lesson-Sermon, afterwards walking home. The wound, though terrible to mortal sense, healed perfectly within a week, and all sense of pain disappeared on the evening of the accident.


William Arthur Ball
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1920

         One Sunday when I was boarding a streetcar, the door slammed against the back of my hand with such force that it crushed my hand. The pain was so excruciating that my first impulse was to return home, but I declared the truth as taught in Christian Science, and was able to get to church. On my arrival there help was asked from a practitioner, and in less than half an hour the healing was complete. This was a case of mental surgery.


Mae Davis
Christian Science Sentinel, December 7, 1929

         When my youngest child was eight months old she fell from the bed onto her back, striking the top of her head on the edge of an open door. When I picked her up I found her body limp, her skin blue, and her eyes rolling back. As my efforts to arouse her were of no avail I became fearful. My first thought was that I must have a doctor quickly, but my second was that I must have help more quickly than a doctor could possibly give it. I had been interested in Christian Science for about two years, so I had my eldest daughter call a practitioner on the telephone. She said she would work for the baby at once. I held the child in my arms and two of my children sat close by, while we trustingly waited to see Truth operate. I shall never forget the wonderful sense of peace that came over me as we quietly waited. In less than ten minutes the color returned to the baby's face; then she opened her eyes and smiled. That was over fourteen years ago, and since then she has always been a well, strong, and happy child.


Ella M. Schwarz
Christian Science Sentinel, November 23, 1929

         I attended my first lecture after I had been reading the Christian Science literature and the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, for about one year. I knew nothing whatever then about Christian Science practitioners. One of my children was sick with measles and had a very high fever, and I felt that if I could attend the lecture the child would be helped. I went and drank in every word, and on my way home tried to apply what the lecturer had said to the problem at home. When I went to the boy's bedside, he said, "Mother, I can feel God all around me." A beautiful healing took place. He was with us at the breakfast table the next morning, healed and almost spotless, the few remaining spots disappearing during the next twenty-four hours.


Jessie Dean Ranns
Christian Science Sentinel, May 18, 1929

         In Psalms we read: "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." And Jesus said, "The Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works." These simple statements from the Bible are fundamentals of primitive Christianity, and they are fundamentals of Christian Science.


William C. Brookes
Christian Science Sentinel, March 11, 1922

         With its teaching that the real man never fell, never strayed from the harmony, peace, and purity of his original estate, never was corrupted by evil or sin, nor ever identified with any of the doleful experiences of the mortal dream, Christian Science comes to inspire the heart with confidence, courage, and a true sense of inherent and native worthiness. As a flood of pure water clears away refuse and unsavory things, so this revelation of Truth washes away the belief that any relationship ever existed between the real man of God's creating and a sinning, earthly mortal. It shows that the mortal is a counterfeit of the spiritual and perfect, to be put off.


George Silas Haddock
Christian Science Sentinel,
March 25, 1922

         The admission that the truth is spiritual opens the door to an understanding of creation, wholly apart from the perishable presentations of materiality, and establishes the existence of Principle and idea, God and man man harmoniously expressed as perfect spiritual creation, where discord is unknown.


Kate W. Buck
Christian Science Sentinel, June 12, 1926

        . . . Two instantaneous healings came about through my slight understanding of the truth about God and man's relation to Him. The first healing resulted from the realization of the truth contained in the words in "the scientific statement of being" (Science and Health, p. 468), "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation," and my denial, This is not that manifestation. Every symptom of the grippe was overcome in less than two hours. The second healing was as follows. After walking with difficulty for several days, suffering much pain, one evening while walking I saw the unreality of pain and became instantly free.


Ella M. Clayton
Christian Science Sentinel, September 28, 1929

        . . . Of what value is the understanding that Spirit is real and matter unreal? someone perhaps asks. Can it help him with the problems of life? Will it heal him of sickness or aid him in getting rid of sin? An understanding of the truth will certainly do these things. The moment one begins to understand something of the real, that moment he has started on the journey out of the unreal, out of materiality, out of the falsities of material sense. To him John's vision becomes a present possibility. He can now echo in some degree the apostle's thought: "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea," because Spirit has been revealed to him as the only real, and matter, with all its erroneous attendant beliefs, is seen to be unreal and temporal.


Duncan Sinclair
Christian Science Sentinel, March 27, 1926

        . . . When it is known . . . that the metaphor of the mist [Genesis 2:6] alludes to material belief as having mystified human thought and hid from it the spiritual and true creation, a truth most vital to the salvation of mankind has been revealed. If the Bible reveals anything at all, it reveals this fact that all inspired thought leads away from matter. When Enoch walked with God, his material body disappeared. So did Elijah's when he was translated. And the new heaven and the new earth of the apocalyptic vision were not revealed to the inspired thought of John until the old and material had disappeared from consciousness. The conclusion is inevitable, that inspired thought and material conceptions are opposite states of consciousness.


Aaron E. Brandt
Christian Science Sentinel, February 11, 1922

         While I was spending a few weeks in a sanitarium, where, in spite of the doctor's best endeavors, I felt no improvement, my relatives heard of Christian Science and decided to take me home and try this teaching. It was not easy for the dear practitioner who took my case to explain the truth to me; for I contradicted everything she said, and would not admit that I could be healed through Christian Science. However, the great calmness and certainty in her words convinced me of the truth. I felt that she had reached me through divine Love, and I asked her to continue treatment. From that hour I was able to digest all my food, and in three weeks I had gained about twenty pounds in weight. This surprised those around me very much, for they could hardly understand the change for the better.


Olga Oettli
Christian Science Sentinel, September 21, 1929

         I must express gratitude for the loving practitioners. One lady talked to me so lovingly and kindly, that as I sat there so still listening, I could feel myself change; and I was healed of a difficulty that had troubled me as long as I could remember. I have not been bothered with it since — over six years ago. . . .

         I am thankful to all the dear friends for explaining to me, when I began the study of Christian Science, the difference between true Christian Science literature and literature which does not state Christian Science correctly, although claiming to do so.


Esther M. Hunt
Christian Science Sentinel, October 27, 1928

         While I did not accept Christian Science especially for healing, I was curious to know if poor eyesight could be healed when one had worn glasses nearly all one's life. It seemed impossible to me, because the glasses seemed verily to be a part of me. After attending a few Wednesday evening testimony meetings, I asked a practitioner if she thought my eyes could be healed. She explained clearly and lovingly that sight is spiritual and not material, and that I, God's child, just needed an awakening. This gave me some hope; and as I wanted to know more, I made an appointment to see her at her home. After the second treatment, and within a month's time, I removed the glasses, which had been worn steadily for twenty-two years. The day came when I just had to take them off, and I have not needed them for anything since.


Margaret A. Salmen
Christian Science Sentinel, November 17, 1928

         Some years ago I was struggling with what seemed a very severe cold. I was mentally full of self-pity, and quite miserable physically. I was in a room where our Leader's works were sold, and as I felt impelled to look upward my eyes encountered a small card bearing these words: "No objectionable pictures shall be exhibited in the rooms where the Christian Science textbook is published or sold" (Church Manual, p. 81). Instantly the thought came: What are you doing? Are you not displaying an "objectionable" picture where the textbook is sold? Either the picture must go, or you — which shall it be? Then I knew that God does not know or sustain such evil. Some time was spent in thinking on these things, and the misery and self-pity faded from thought, and finally the cold itself. I was most grateful for this experience, as its spiritual illumination brought a higher and more practical sense of the spiritual interpretation of the By-Laws of the Church Manual and their application to everyday affairs.


Leonora L. Emery
Christian Science Sentinel, October 6, 1928

         I was filled with joy after reading the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I became acquainted with a practitioner who seemed totally different from the people I had hitherto known. She always met me with friendliness, untiring patience, and unswerving faith in my health and perfection as a child of God. . . . The first finger of my left hand was quite stiff one morning, the skin being dry and cracked. I wrote to the practitioner of whom I have already spoken. The second morning after she had received my letter, the finger was normal again.


Anna Markisch
Christian Science Sentinel, October 6, 1928

         In the month of February, 1925, one of my breasts became swollen to four times its natural size, reddened and purpled. This filled my mother with fear. I had no fear and reassured her, declaring the nothingness of the trouble, and I told the practitioner who had already helped me. The pain was not very great. I denied it constantly, and affirmed that God is present everywhere and had made only that which is good. After fifteen days I had a restless night. I awoke often, and each time I declared the nothingness of evil and the goodness of God. Then I finally went to sleep, and did not wake up till morning. On my awakening I felt nothing. As I moved I saw that the cloth around me was damp. I looked at my breast, and noticed that there was no trace of a so-called tumor, only a very small opening, which quickly healed and has entirely disappeared.


Lucienne Perrin
Christian Science Sentinel, September 15, 1928

         My child came into this world with a good-sized birthmark over the right eye, which made me very unhappy. Then the thought came to me that the child could be freed from this trouble as well as from any sickness. So I requested help from a practitioner in Dresden, and in a fortnight the birthmark had vanished.


Lina Keller
The Christian Science Journal, November, 1920

        . . . I asked God to show me how to find healing. A few days later, He directed me in a wonderful manner to a former friend, a Christian Scientist. She brought me the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Before I began to read it, I asked for support and help to be able to know if this were God's way. He revealed Himself to me as the ever present, Father-Mother, divine Mind; and I was able to grasp the contents of the book, and to apply them immediately; and I was healed of my diseases. Through reading the textbook alone I was healed.


Elise Pohl
Christian Science Sentinel, June 2, 1928

         Our idea of God fully accounts for all our experiences. Our idea of God determines our estimate of values in every direction. The loose screw in the world today is its false conceptions of Deity, resulting in false estimates of what is worth striving for.


Ann Friendlich
Christian Science Sentinel, January 10, 1920

         I shall always remember with gratitude the first lecture on Christian Science which I attended some years ago. I had made a special effort to go to the lecture, for I seemed to be weary and heavy-laden. Upon my arrival at the church I nestled snugly in my seat and thought I was very comfortable, but soon found that in reality I was not, for I believed I was very tired and hardly heard what the lecturer was saying until he said something that made me sit up. He said a Scotch fisherman was once asked what the fisher folk did in the wintertime, and he replied, "Well, sometimes we sit and think and sometimes we just sit." It was quite a shock to me when I discovered that I was just sitting. So I decided then and there to be attentive. I became so interested in the lecture that I soon forgot how tired I was; and I was richly rewarded for I was conscious that something had kindled within me, as a light shining in darkness — a new hope and trust that was never to be extinguished; for, sometime later, when it seemed I was near the valley of death, battling with pneumonia in its worst form, and the attending physicians had declared nothing could save me, that ray of light came again to me and I asked for Christian Science treatment. I was healed instantaneously, much to the amazement of the entire hospital staff.


Bozena S. Fabry
Christian Science Sentinel, December 26, 1925

         Our infant son was healed in one treatment of a defective eye which was about half the size of the other, after the trained nurse in charge had told us it would probably never be normal.


Edith C. Montague
Christian Science Sentinel, August 11, 1928

         Is it said that man has inherited some disease? This must be false, man's Father being God, in whom is no element of disease and from whom man receives only the heritage of eternally perfect health. Is a quick temper condoned in one who is said to be "just like his father"? This cannot in reality be true. Man's Father-Mother God is infinitely patient, tender, and loving, and God's likeness reflects nothing unlike these divine traits. Is a sinful appetite indulged with the excuse that it was inherited? What a priceless blessing to all mankind to know the utter falsity of this evil belief . . .


Jane Stannard Johnson
Christian Science Sentinel, August 1, 1925

         Several years ago, while I was teaching my class of eight-year-old children in Sunday school, a little girl asked how she should go about ridding herself of a wart on her finger. Having been troubled with eight warts on my hands for three years, I turned the problem back on the class and was amazed to hear the simple truths which the children gave to the little girl asking for help. They little realized how much their teacher was gaining. The subject was then dismissed, and not until after the church service was it brought to my attention by the mother of the little girl, who came to me rejoicing that the wart had disappeared during Sunday school. On taking off my gloves after church I realized that five of the warts on my hands had also gone, and the next morning the remaining three disappeared.


Jane W. McKee
Christian Science Sentinel,
March 10, 1928

         When Christian Science was presented to me I was a complete wreck, having suffered for three years from a growth in my right side and many other ailments which were supposed to be the result of this growth. After a lot of persuasion I finally decided to go to a hospital, when suddenly a wonderful thing happened. I had occasion to go to a Christian Science practitioner's office for a package that had been left there in a neighborly way, and after thanking him for the package I was prompted to ask him for some literature on Christian Science; so he lent me a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. As I left the office he said, "God can heal anything." That was what impressed me. The next day I returned for a treatment; and with that one treatment I was instantaneously healed. I am so grateful, not only for this beautiful healing, but for the wonderful joy and spiritual uplift that have come to me since taking up the study of Christian Science.


Emily Gage Cumming
Christian Science Sentinel,
February 25, 1928

         Rejoicing that I had found the truth and the freedom which it gives, I lived many months in the high and secret place; for, as the Psalmist says, I had "made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High," my habitation. When I walked, my feet scarcely seemed to touch the ground. But only too soon I found that I had to descend into the valley to work upward through spiritual understanding. In this way Christian Science has met my every need. When sorrow encompassed me, I was comforted by the truth; and when friends seemed to prove faithless and enemies slandered, I was given strength to endure. At times I was compelled to seek higher ground, and at other times I was led to see my own shortcomings and mistakes and was given the glorious comfort of a strong sense of Truth's correction. While at my housework I kept the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy open before me. I am grateful for the practitioner who encouraged and helped me all along the way. I have learned to forget past mistakes, knowing that they were not of God, and that as one ceases to allow one's mind to dwell on them they will cease to come back to memory.


Alta Phillips Eldborg
Christian Science Sentinel, September 21, 1929

        . . . I should like to tell of an instantaneous healing which I experienced in the autumn of 1927, during a Wednesday evening meeting. The left half of my face was so swollen that I could hardly see out of my eye, and I was suffering severe pain which extended to my ear. Error tried to suggest that I could not attend the meeting this Wednesday. But after doing my mental work I realized that there was the very place to find help and peace. I went to the church in great pain, but in my heart I was content and happy, and was grateful that God had again showed me the right way. After the beautiful Lord's Prayer I noticed that I was free and my face healed. My neighbor looked at me, and said, "Your face is healed!" I knew that divine Love had wonderfully supported me once again, and had purified my thinking. I thank our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for the restoration of true Christian religion.


Käthe Merkel
Christian Science Sentinel, August 17, 1929

Several years ago I became ill with a form of nervousness which came upon me about five months before my first child was born. Instead of the trouble leaving me, as I had supposed it would, it gradually became worse; so that by the time the child was a year old I realized I was losing in the struggle. My mother went with me to a specialist, but I left his office feeling very much discouraged at what had been said. The same evening I was led in a very unexpected way to take up the study of Christian Science. I studied the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, very earnestly and prayerfully; and about five years later, while experiencing an unusually severe nervous attack, I received an instantaneous and perfect healing. It was wonderful! For a moment, matter and material surroundings were forgotten, and my consciousness was just flooded with the knowledge of the divine presence. The spiritual uplift which followed this healing was too wonderful for words; for there was a sense of peace, joy, and security, to me before unknown, and I was as sure of God's presence as I was of my own.


Olga M. Cesan
Christian Science Sentinel,
February 6, 1926

. . . The doctor pronounced my case malignant trouble of the stomach, and gave me from two to three weeks to live under opiates. It was then that my niece, hearing of a healing which a friend of hers had received in Christian Science, asked me if I would not try it, and I readily consented. In less than one hour a practitioner was standing by my bedside, with such a sweet, smiling face that it seemed to me like the face of an angel. Then she spoke to me so tenderly of God's love and healing power, and of what He could do for me; of the wonderful woman, Mary Baker Eddy, who gave us the spiritual interpretation of His Word that all who read may understand. I surely had an instantaneous healing, for I began to feel better immediately. Indeed, I felt like a new person. My niece on coming into my room stood amazed at the marvelous change that had taken place in me. In three days I was up and about the house.


Annie S. Joy
Christian Science Sentinel,
May 30, 1925

         During a severe epidemic of influenza in London, soon after I began to study, I was healed instantaneously of all its symptoms through realizing that "the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus" had "made me free from the law of sin and death." I used to suffer a great deal from influenza, taking a long time to recover my strength after each attack. On this occasion I woke very early, about two o'clock in the morning, with all the usual symptoms, and my first thought was: Here is my old enemy; I'm in for three weeks of it! Then with a great rush of joy came the recollection: Thank God, I am no longer under the law! I fell peacefully asleep, and awoke at seven o'clock perfectly well. That was the last of those attacks; and it was over nine years ago. Since then I have not had a day in bed, nor been prevented by ill health from doing anything that I needed to do.


Jessie Mothersole
Christian Science Sentinel, November 6, 1926

After many years of sickness, and just as I was able, after a severe illness, to walk out, I met an acquaintance who had been an invalid for nineteen years, who insisted on telling me how wonderfully she had been healed by Christian Science. I had never heard of Christian Science before, and being more interested in my own aches and troubles, paid little attention at first to what she said. But she kept saying over and over, "I tell you I was healed by Christian Science and I want you to try it," until I finally said I would think about it. In going home on the streetcar I thought over what she had been trying to tell me and decided I would call on the practitioner whose name she had mentioned to see what she looked like. She proved to be a dear woman whose conversation soon convinced me that Christian Science was just what I needed, and had been looking for. In a few treatments I was cured of rheumatism and stomach trouble and started on the way from the unreal to the real, and while my progress has been slow, I have kept right on, knowing there is no other way.


Jennie L. Liebhardt
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1921

        . . . Dr. Charles Hunter, of the University of Manitoba, in his address before the annual convention of the Canadian Medical Association held at Regina, Saskatchewan, said, among other interesting things, as reported in the Edmondton Journal: "Christian Science has helped many persons suffering from diseases which, to the medical practitioner, had defied diagnosis." "This," the paper adds, "he attributed to a 'peace of mind' which the medical [doctor] too often failed to impart. . . . Christian Science, furthermore, had brought relief to individuals who were victims of some organic disorder." Several newspapers in Alberta published good reports of some of Dr. Hunter's remarks, the Edmonton Journal carrying the suitable headline, "Doctors Need More Christian Science." Such items as this show the trend of thought toward a fuller appreciation of the power and efficacy of spiritual means in the treatment of disease.


Christian Science Committee on Publication for the Province of Alberta, Canada
Christian Science Sentinel, December 26, 1925

         Many noted medical men have held Christian Science in high esteem, among them being the late Prof. William James and Dr. Richard C. Cabot, MD, both of Harvard. It was the latter who wrote, "Christian Science is doing a vast deal of good, not only as a religion, but as a health restorer."


Ralph W. Still
Christian Science Sentinel, December 27, 1924

         Dr. Richard S. Cabot of Boston, member of the Massachusetts General Hospital, evidently thinks [prayer] is of inestimable value as a healing agency; for, in a recent interview, he said: "I believe that prayer does cure disease. Healing comes to some individuals directly through prayer, I am sure. I use it in my practice and rely on it today more often than on medicine."


Hugh Stuart Campbell
Christian Science Sentinel, March 14, 1925

         "Some of the most remarkable cases I know of, wonderful cures, have been in connection with Christian Science, which I have seen myself and know."


Dr. Drummond Shiels, a Fellow and Senior President
of the Royal Medical Society, and member of the British Parliament,
as quoted in the Christian Science Sentinel, June 19, 1926

         We have had so many proofs of God's loving care that my husband, after forty years of material remedies as a doctor, has given them all up, has given away his medical library, instruments, and drugs, and is now a student of Christian Science in all sincerity.


Charity L. Field
The Christian Science Journal, July, 1923

         The world is demanding not a religion of future possibilities or speculative theories but a religion that can point to its present works as evidence of its divine authority. Christian Science meets this demand. In a little over fifty years it has spread over the civilized world. It has done more to heal intemperance, licentiousness, and sin than any other religion. Through its ministrations the drunkard has been reclaimed, the sinner reformed, and unnumbered thousands of hopeless, helpless invalids have been restored to health after all material means had failed.


John Hinxton
Christian Science Sentinel, January 3, 1920

         In the face of what Christian Science has enabled its students to do, in the face of the undoubted healings of all manner of disease and all kinds of sin which have taken place, healings which are now generally accredited as true, the question may be asked, Why is Christian Science not accepted by all? It cannot be that its message is too difficult to apprehend, for the child can understand it, and demonstrate it too. Neither is it that the word of the beneficiaries of Christian Science is discredited by those who are acquainted with these beneficiaries. What, then, is the reason? It is generally a very simple one, and one that cannot be better stated than is done on page 343 of Science and Health, where the following sentence occurs: "It would sometimes seem as if truth were rejected because meekness and spirituality are the conditions of its acceptance, while Christendom generally demands so much less."


Duncan Sinclair
Christian Science Sentinel, January 23, 1926

         Twenty-seven years after he had experienced the Damascus vision Paul told King Agrippa that it was the vision that had revolutionized his whole sense of values, imparting a new attitude . . . and giving a new complexion and direction to his life.

         It was through Saul's obedience to a heavenly vision that he was led to enter upon noble endeavors, splendid crusades of daring, of danger, of doing, whose results only the ages of eternity can reveal . . . Vision, — high, holy, benign, and blessed vision, — how absolutely necessary to the production of noble character and to the inspiration of splendid achievements!


Dr. Kerr Boyce Tupper, quoted in the
Christian Science Sentinel, January 30, 1926

        . . . Let us pray in our hearts for a clearer vision of man as the reflection of God! We need it; our churches need it; the world needs it, vitally too. It will come to the world as we are more faithful in our daily resurrection above materiality, above the false beliefs that deaden our receptivity to the Christ-spirit. 


Josephine Meador
Christian Science Sentinel, April 3, 1926

         I experienced many healings after the belief of mind in matter had been conquered. Severe heart trouble, creeping paralysis, headaches, and a cough that gave me no rest day or night disappeared. The family physician had given me many warnings about my condition, but I have been entirely free from these ailments for several years.


Harriett W. Wilson
Christian Science Sentinel, February 22, 1919

         I recall a young woman with consumption [tuberculosis], who had been given up by the physicians, and then turned to Christian Science for healing, but apparently to no purpose. She spoke to me at the close of a lecture on Christian Science in a western city, with the query, "Why do I not get my healing?" I replied that if she would come to Christian Science, not for the sake of her healing, but rather to gain the truth, and nothing but the truth, her healing would be inevitable. When next I saw that woman some years later, it was at a Wednesday evening meeting. She referred to the answer I had given to her query, and then she testified that her complete healing came as she approached Christian Science in the right way. In gratitude for all she had gained in Christian Science she is today ministering to the needs of others as a Christian Science practitioner.


Bliss Knapp
Christian Science Sentinel, March 6, 1926

         My progress for a long time was very slow, but that was because I did not realize the necessity and importance of careful study and application. During the past five or six years, while passing through a very trying experience, I have learned this necessity and my progress has been greater.


Nellie B. Lacy
The Christian Science Journal, August, 1920

Gratitude heals. Grateful thoughts are certainly healing thoughts. They destroy the erroneous beliefs of melancholy, depression, despondency, and discouragement, which are among error's most active agents. We cannot be conscious of these suggestions of error while our consciousness is filled with gratitude. And when we begin to be grateful, we shall have less time or inclination to dwell upon the beliefs of material existence, but instead shall improve our time by thinking more of God's perfect universe, including His perfect creation, man.


Herman Campbell Blye
Christian Science Sentinel, April 17, 1926

         Not until Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, published the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," did the world have any knowledge of the method by which Jesus destroyed the many beliefs of mortal mind.


Robert P. Walker
Christian Science Sentinel, November 8, 1919

What do we not owe in love, loyalty, and obedience to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for all that she has done for mankind! Can our way seem long and hard when we think of that spiritual pioneer pushing on alone, and with sublime courage, to the discovery and founding of Christian Science?


Anna Sanborn
The Christian Science Journal, May, 1922

         My first healing was that of being prejudiced against Mrs. Eddy. This healing came about through my reading of "The Life of Mary Baker Eddy," written by Sibyl Wilbur. I made very slow progress until after this healing, though some six years or more had been spent seeking along the line of Christian Science. But since this, to me, all-important healing I have been blessed with progress and proofs many.


Phoebe Ikerman
Christian Science Sentinel, August 4, 1928

         A few years ago, through several Christian Scientists of this city letting their light shine, my husband and I were led to get the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. After reading the chapter on Prayer I regretted ever having entertained wrong thoughts about Mrs. Eddy. What she must have endured to give this truth to the world, we can only faintly realize.


Sadie C. Douglas
The Christian Science Journal, April, 1923

         [Mrs. Eddy] did not attempt to patch up the old, worn-out garment of theology, but she discarded it for one that though ancient, was without rent, and as strong and beautiful as when first wrought by the hand of God. She planted in the fertile soil of the nineteenth century the same seed as was sown by the Galilean Prophet in the first century. She proposed a return to the apostolic standards and rules of conduct.


Mayor A. J. Adams
Christian Science Sentinel, November 8, 1919

         When Christ Jesus was on earth he proved, as well as taught, that through understanding the power of God, both sickness and sin are healed. Although his immediate disciples were able to follow his example to some extent, he did not leave with them a definite rule which might be universally understood and applied. There was such a rule, however; and over fifty years ago it was discovered by a gentle New England woman, Mary Baker Eddy, who first demonstrated its availability and practicality, and then generously gave it to all the world in her book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

         At one time it was my privilege to be a member of Mrs. Eddy's household, and it is a great joy to me to be able to testify to her unselfish love, her tender compassion, her marvelous spirituality, and the wonderful purity of her life, every moment of which was devoted to an untiring labor for the advancement of the Cause of Christian Science.


Caroline Foss Gyger
Christian Science Sentinel, October 3, 1925

In the latter part of his ministry Jesus said to his disciples, "If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you." Since the time he uttered those words, expectant humanity has been eagerly awaiting the coming of this Comforter or Holy Ghost. Some of those watching have made the mistake the Jews made, who thought the Messiah would come as a king unto his kingdom, by expecting this divine manifestation to be ushered in with pomp and great display. Thus it was that they were not able to see in the teachings of a humble New England woman the same simple doctrine which Jesus had taught among the hills of Judea and on the shores of the Galilean Sea; nor in her healing works, the fulfilling of Jesus' promise, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."


Times (Louisville, Kentucky) quoted in the
Christian Science Sentinel, December 17, 1910

         [Christian Science] is the same truth which Jesus demonstrated with such accuracy that he was able to heal all manner of diseases, cast out devils, or evils, and restore the dead to life. This healing truth, we are told by Gibbon, the historian, was practiced for nearly three hundred years after our Lord's ascension. Then followed a wave of gross materiality, which swept over the whole world, feeding those hungering for Truth with the empty husks of forms and ceremonies, and which for a time seemed to obscure this spiritual light; but the divine spark could never be wholly lost. Centuries later this spark was rekindled into a flame; nay, into a beacon light whose healing rays now reach the uttermost ends of the earth. This light was rediscovered by a noble woman, Mary Baker Eddy, whose pure, Christlike consciousness fitted her above all others to receive this great revelation of light.


C. P. Macdonald
Christian Science Sentinel, March 18, 1922

         Just as Christianity must ever be associated with Christ Jesus, so must the revelation of the Science of Christianity, or Christian Science, be associated with Mrs. Eddy; and I am grateful to our Leader for her unfaltering consecration and obedience to the will of God in accepting and recording this revelation . . .


Margaret Mitts
Christian Science Sentinel, October 5, 1929

         Mrs. Eddy's life and attainments prove without a doubt that she reached "the heights of Christian Science." [S&H vii:27] But how many of us are really willing, as she was willing, to consecrate our lives wholly to God, good, continually seeking wisdom and guidance from the divine Mind until thought has been purified and uplifted to the realization that this Mind alone satisfies all our longings and desires?


Helen Genevieve Mest
Christian Science Sentinel, November 28, 1925

         God, who in times long past spoke by the prophets, and by Christ Jesus and his apostles, has spoken in this age by our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, who, when she had received a revelation from on high, proved its divinity by a ministry of healing, and then committed it to the pure in heart throughout the world.


David Newton McKee
Christian Science Sentinel, June 19, 1926

         Someone has said in speaking of our present understanding of Christian Science: "We are only in the vestibule of Truth; we have not yet even entered into the temple." I realize this more each day, as clearer meanings and new interpretations come to me in studying the Bible and our Leader's writings. There is a long way yet to travel; but if we are grateful for a little, more will be added.


Frances H. Snowell
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1924

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