Signs of the Times
[The Rev. Charles Knight, as quoted in the Bayswater Chronicle,
London, England]

         How often we admit into our minds the details of some trivial affair the news of the street. How willing we are to lumber our minds with sheer rubbish to allow silly gossip, bits of scandal, unkind criticism, to intrude on ground which should be sacred to thought. Shall the mind be a public arena, where the latest divorce scandals, foolish talebearing, and silly gossip of the tea table are chiefly discussed? or shall it be a bit of heaven itself a temple consecrated to the service of high thinking? There are so many beautiful things to be thought of that it seems sacrilege to fill the mind with idle and unprofitable thoughts. The mind should be kept pure; and we should endeavor to keep the door and prevent the entrance of thoughts which defile the mind. Great care should be taken in selecting books to read. Some books and articles are apt to create trivial thoughts; and so crowd out great thoughts. Conversation, too, should be guarded, lest we sink to captious criticism, soul-destroying faultfinding of others, and rash judgment. If we strive to think aright, our actions will be the better. Low thoughts mean low living. High thinking will produce noble deeds.

The Rev. Charles Knight, as quoted in the Bayswater Chronicle,
London, England
Quoted in "Signs of the Times"

Christian Science Sentinel, March 6, 1926

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