Christian Science Testimony

         ... Truly "man's extremity is God's opportunity."

         I want to tell you of one young business man who has lately come into an understanding of Christian Science. He was buried for three hours under a mass of debris, through the collapse of a hotel; his mouth and nose were almost stopped up with mortar, and his body was crushed into a seemingly impossible space. He told me that while confined in this position, he saw more clearly than ever before the truth taught by Christian Science, that the mortal concept of himself was not the real self at all, that the real self was ever free, and was so right then. He was finally rescued uninjured, and one of the physicians who were on hand to render any assistance possible, told me that he could not understand how any "living soul could have been rescued from such a place." ...


Extract from "An Interesting Letter"
The Christian Science Journal, May, 1906

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