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It is becoming more and more apparent to thinking people that a material viewpoint of the Bible brings to the reader uncertainty, confusion, and, frequently, contradictory statements. Spiritually interpreted, the Bible proves to be wholly consistent, and enables the student to apply its teachings and prove the law of God given therein in the way Christ Jesus did and commanded his followers to do.

C. W. Hale
CS Sentinel, Oct. 11, 1919

An Introduction to Christian Science


References for Study
The following passages are from the Bible (King James Version) and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.

Matthew 22:29
Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany,
p. 190:22-29
Jesus gave his disciples (students) power over all manner of diseases; and the Bible was written in order that all peoples, in all ages, should have the same opportunity to become students of the Christ, Truth, and thus become God-endued with power (knowledge of divine law) and with "signs following." Jesus declared that his teaching and practice would remain, even as it did, "for them also which shall believe on me through their word."

Miscellaneous Writings, p. 196:30
The Scriptures require more than a simple admission and feeble acceptance of the truths they present; they require a living faith, that so incorporates their lessons into our lives that these truths become the motive-power of every act.   

Science and Health, p. 319:21-27
The divine Science taught in the original language of the Bible came through inspiration, and needs inspiration to be understood. Hence the misapprehension of the spiritual meaning of the Bible, and the misinterpretation of the Word in some instances by uninspired writers, who only wrote down what an inspired teacher had said. 

Science and Health, p. 320:4-8
Metaphors abound in the Bible, and names are often expressive of spiritual ideas. The most distinguished theologians in Europe and America agree that the Scriptures have both a spiritual and literal meaning. 

Message for 1902, p. 4:25-8
Alternately transported and alarmed by abstruse problems of Scripture, we are liable to turn from them as impractical, or beyond the ken of mortals,--and past finding out. Our thoughts of the Bible utter our lives. As silent night foretells the dawn and din of morn; as the dulness of to-day prophesies renewed energy for to-morrow,--so the pagan philosophies and tribal religions of yesterday but foreshadowed the spiritual dawn of the twentieth century--religion parting with its materiality.

Christian Science stills all distress over doubtful interpretations of the Bible; it lights the fires of the Holy Ghost, and floods the world with the baptism of Jesus.


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